Fun at Hermes yesterday

  1. I met three lovely friends for lunch and shopping yesterday (played hooky from work...) and had a wonderful time!! One lovely lady wore a thalassa box 30cm Birkin with white stitching, another wore a 32cm noisette vache liegee Kelly with gold h/w and the third wore a 28cm rouge H retourne clemence Kelly with gold h/w (I wore my Potiron GPT with my turquoise Bolide in it - I brought the Bolide in to be heat stamped). After our lunch, we headed over to Hermes, where I was bitten by the shopping bug. I picked up two pocket squares, a reversible cashmere muffler (orange on one side, tangerine on the other), twilly scarf rings and a vermillon swift GPT TPM (30cm) with tohu bohu lining and matching twilly. HG, we were both right! The brown Bolduc GPT is lamb but the vermillon is swift. Nice! Before leaving, I also ordered an emerald green crocodile watch band for my H-our watch. There was no vert anis in stock and I didn't want to wait for a special order. So emerald green croc is on the way!!

    Hey DQ!! How was your shopping day yesterday?
    KOP10-06-06003.jpg KOP10-06-06004.jpg KOP10-06-06005.jpg KOP10-06-06006.jpg KOP10-06-06007.jpg
  2. NS, that's what I call a successful shopping day!
    Love your new purchases, especially the cashmere stole and the GPT!
    Thanks for sharing your eye candy with us!
  3. Lovely acquisitions, Sue. Can't wait til you get over to Miami so we can shop together :yes:

    Enjoy your new goodies!
  4. Oh, my....I should stay away from this forum:P !!!!!!!!!!! You got red leather GP!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I need one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly beautiful!:heart:
  5. I am so dying here... those are wonderful loots..... the colors for all of them are so alive....... sounds like you had a wonderful time shopping.. hehe.. thanks for sharing..
  6. Thanks ladies! Lisa, I think I will be in Miami on Wednesday, but with no time to shop. I'm literally in town once or twice a month, so hopefully we can shop together soon!!
  7. Beautiful GPT. Love the scarves.
  8. Nice H-aul! Sounds like a lovely day...and the stack of orange boxes... :love:
  9. What a great day shopping!! Love the muffler and the rest of your new treasures.
  10. OK, Ninja Sue, next time I'm there!
  11. HG, you know I am going to hold you to it!
  12. Wonderful pix NS! Esp. love the Les Triples pochette! It's adorable!
  13. ninja sue -- that's quite a haul, and lovely choices!

    my day was great fun -- thanks for asking. i tried on HG's birkin 45, almost bought a chevre HAC (fortunately i came to my senses before slapping the card down), and ended up getting a whip for riding. thank heaven hermes packages them in boxes, otherwise i'd have another "whip on the NY subway" story to tell. :lol:

    ETA: cute kitty you've got there!
  14. DQ, sounds like you and HG had a terrific time! I hope to join you guys in NYC some day. Congrats on the whip!! And thanks for complementing my kitty! His name is Aksel - he is an incredibly sweet, mischevious two-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat and I adore him. :smile:
  15. Sue, you always bring home the most lovely H purchases! thank you for sharing them with us! :love: