Fun and First visit to Hermes Houston

  1. Hello H enthusiasts :smile: I haven't stopped by since the LV forum was down a bit back, but I had to make my first visit to the local Hermes to see all the lovely items to see what all the passion is about - what a wonderful experience!

    A delightful SA named Kari helped me out, as I wanted to try on the leopard scarf in various colours - I love the yellow one on me :smile: .. and also the bracelets -- found out the 70mm fit me great and love the gold plated enamel ones .. the medium width .. my two favourites were one that had pan flutes on them, and the other had clouds and a celestial pattern - oh I should have taken the names for reference.

    I am moving to Calgary at the end of the month and alas no Hermes there ( .. but there is a store in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal it seems so I'd guess I can order these items from there .. I'm sort of on a ban at the moment after just getting an LV Duomo this month .. but it won't last long :smile:

    I saw one bag that just jumped right out at me and I pointed to it and asked the name of it and she said "oh that's the Kelly bag" .. I seem to notice quite a few of you ladies have picked this for your collection, I can see why - it was quite elegant! We'll I dont think I'll be in the market for one of those anytime soon, but definitely the scarves and bracelets will be finding their way to me :smile:

    Just wanted to pass on what a delightful visit I had and much praise to Kari as well for such thoughtful and pleasant service to a newbie to the Hermes store in Houston.
  2. Vista~so glad that your first Hermes visit was a good one.
    I've dealt with Houston over the telephone before and always found that H to be wonderful!
  3. vista, good luck in calgary!

    i love the H-town hermes store! lovely people!
  4. Vista,

    Vista, The SA in Hermes Houston are friendly. I love to got here just to check out what they have at the store. I am glad you had a good experience visiting Hermes the first time. But better watch out though..once you are in..well, it is hard to turn back from the dark side of Hermes. I fell in love with Hermes; the pain and the joy I have to go trough. But at the end it is all worth it.
  5. Oh boy I can't wait to visit!
    (Just moved to Houston)
  6. I was just laid over in Houston. They kept screwing up my flight with me on standby, otherwise I would've had enough time to jet down to the H shoppe in the city and get back in time for flight!

    They ended up finally doing right by my ticket abd taking care of the next time I fly... but the next time, I want to visit Hermes Houston ;)
  7. Be sure to look at the Turkey scarves on the wall when you do get a chance to visit -- one of them isn't a scarf but the original painting!! It was done for Texas' Sesquicentenial in 1987 I believe is what we were told.
  8. Nice! I go to Houston a lot (many relatives up there, I used to study there as well) but have never actually been to the H shop. Then again, the H bug hadn't bitten back then! I'll be sure to check it out on my next visit.