Fun accessories!!! Suggestions needed!!!

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  1. I have a Madison Magenta leather shoulder bag en route, and need a lil' bit of help. I want to focus on accessories for it, for me this means a good wristlet with great function and a mini skinny atleast. I'm not a wallet switcher and have the MFF magenta leather mini wallet anyway.

    I want this bag to have a BIG POP of color on the inside, but I need a wristlet that has a 2nd little pocket.

    What are your suggestions, I see alot of you gals have an eye for really accessorizing with great mix & match skills.

    Below I'm posting a picture of the bag I have coming 1st, the 2nd bag pictured is the COLOR it's coming in!!!! So, the black one is the style of the bag, and the PINK is the color I'm working with!!!

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  2. My 1st choice WAS the magenta Julianne, but they're just so few and far between!!!!
  3. Come on now, I know 90% of ya's JUST got back from the outlet!!!

    You should be inspired!!!!!!
  4. What about an Amanda Satin mini skinny in Teal and a Grass Green Madison Capacity wristlet? :graucho: I personally love the jewel tones together!
  5. The large Madison wristlet is awesome, I have one in black (I know you wanted colors but mine is black) and I love it!

    There's fuschia colored Madison wristlet out right now if you want to match.