Fun about Chanel

  1. Something really funny happened to me yesterday. People who know me, know I love designers and designerstuff, so, when my teacher told my class we had to write an essay in a couple of weeks about someone who inspired us, my obvious choice was Coco Chanel. So, I'm in the library with one of my friends (who claims she loves designers, but she doesn't know a thing) talking about who I will probably do my essay on. So this other girl, who's also in my class, comes up to us and says: "I didn't know Chanel was a GUY!"

    I started laughing so hard I had to leave the multimedia library of our school. Just thought I'd share :p
  2. funny!
  3. amusing! What's your major? I wish I can write fun papers like that.
    I usually have to do research papers on the most complicted topics about economics...
  4. I think she's still in high school! ;) I wish I could write papers like that in University, too! The last one I wrote was talking about the specificications, functionality and design of a device we created in engineering design! :wacko:
  5. i did a presentation on the house of Chanel in French class... i'm a senior in college and it was so much fun! :p
  6. ^sound like fun...