1. What are everyone's feelings on fumo? I can't decide
  2. Personally, I don't understand the appeal of a solid colored Toki. :confused1:
  3. I love the way the charcoal color looks with the black trim and the rainbow zips. I like the look of the bella and nuvola the best, because the zippers add color, but I bought a scuola and trenino, because I justified purchasing them by "sharing" them with my DH! Now we are a totally toki family, all four of us have toki bags! :graucho:
  4. It depends what you plan on using it for. Like if you need something more understated it would be great. I got an Arancia bambinone bag to use for work for that reason.
  5. a nice simple bag you can wear anytime and still have your personal treat of the print inside as opposed to the other tokidoki bags where you have to share it with everyone :sneaky:

    I :heart: my bianco and I recently got a fumo dolce on sale at Macys... they're nice for a change from the extreme colorful happiness that is the regular tokidoki :smile:
  6. I think i'd like a denaro...but not in a regular bag. To me its pointless. I like Toki because of the print. Although I do think the bianco zucca is kinda delish!
  7. I like the fumo color. I have a bella fumo with citta lining. I like the lesportsac name because it is in silver embroidery on the front. I almost think I like the solid bags better. I just wish they came in better colors. Hot pink and turquoise bags would have been awesome wtih the amore and pirata linings.

    I'd like to get a black one with the tutti or transporto lining if it ends up being available.
  8. Out of all the solid colors, I like Fumo the best. I love gray. Gray and pink are excellent together. Hehe. Anyway, I don't know if I'd purchase anything in Fumo except the denaro... and bella bella if they wouldn't have discontined it! Whenever I want something "understated" or solid colored, I use my Coach bags.
  9. I wasn't crazy about solid color tokis but I have a fumo bella and I love it. I figured sometimes I may need a purse and it can't be loud ... so a solid color on the outside with the fun toki print on the inside is perfect :biggrin:
  10. i like using my fumo gioco for times when i don't want the added attention of a printed bag, but still want tokidoki with me. i've used my dooney & bourke alto leather purse for more formal occasions but it lacks that fun factor. so if i can get away with it, i try to take my fumo with me instead.
  11. Fumo would be great because if you got something on it, it wouldn't really be that pronounced. I just got a bianco stellina in the mail today, and it is GORGEOUS... but I'm so scared about getting anything on it :cry:
  12. I agree with Maya. If I want a solid colored bag I would use my Coach bags or Dooney. I would not pay the Toki price for a gray or black toki. I would buy another brand instead. Toki si better in color:tup:
  13. I have an original Black Bella Bella with the green hardware and original print on the inside... I use it for outfits that look better with a solid color purse. I Luv the bella bella style and I got it for a super great deal!!! it's quite versatile!
  14. Ehh, it's OK if you can get one super cheap. I did once upon a time have a fumo gioco, but ended up selling it very quickly because I didn't really like the color and did not like the gioco style of bag either. The solids, though not as fun as the prints, (with the exception of the arancia perhaps) are more compatible with special occasions where a Toki print is not appropriate.
  15. Im terrible with clothes/accessories that are white, somehow I alwaysmanage to get stains..so no bianco for me!