Fuming! Terrible Seller!! Venting and Advice.

  1. I cannot believe this! I won a pair of shoes last night for $50. I was the only bidder. The BIN was $150. Today, the seller sends me a message telling me to pay ASAP or she will relist. There was nothing whatsoever in the auction about paying immediately or within 24 hours, etc. Then the buyer send me another message telling me she was going to relist the shoes since I had not responded. Clearly, the seller is not happy with the price she got and is making up excuses to relist. This is what I wrote her:

    This is not at all acceptable. First of all, expecting people to
    respond in a matter of hours on a Sunday is ridiculous.
    Secondly, nothing in your auction gave a time limit on payment
    or said anything about contacting you. eBay allows buyers 7
    days to pay after the end of the auction. You gave me less than
    24 hours. Again, I won the auction. I will pay for the shoes.
    Thank you, Katheryn

    As much as I wanted to threaten with a negative, I refrained. She has low feedback and one negative for 81.1%. So if I neg her, she is basically done selling. She has several auctions up right now. I have 100% positive, and enough that a negative won't effect me much. So what should I do if she won't sell me the shoes? She really has no justification to leave me a negative, but is there anything I can do to protect myself? Thanks for any help and insight!
  2. I would pay for the shoes and see what happens. If she hasn't re-listed. maybe that was her tactic for getting you to pay quicker. I am guilty of asking a buyer to pay asap. I am not rude, but I do expect payment much too quick, and need to realize not everyone pays as soon as the auction ends. I think she will sell you the shoes, I would just make sure she has your money, and take it from there. I doubt she neg's you, especially if she already has that score. Good luck.
  3. Thanks, you are probably right. They haven't been relisted yet. I really should have known better than to bid. It was a great deal, and I decided to take a chance with the feedback. I also ignored the inflated shipping charge of $20 and the fact that she charged a whopping $25 for (optional) insurance. Yes, $25 for insurance that would cost a few dollars!
  4. I think you should report her to eBay for over-charging shipping and insurance. By adding that all together, is this pair shoes still a good deal?
  5. Oh, I am not paying the $25 for insurance. That is definitely against ebay policy, which states that you can only charge the exact amount for insurance. I figured the $20 shipping was more ignorance and lack of experience rather than anything malicious. $70 is still a good deal.
  6. Yeah, I'd quickly pay the $70 so she has no excuses. Then, if she still refuses to send them, you'll know she was circumventing the eBay process and have a valid reason to file a complaint.
  7. Is there any reason why you can't pay right away? I always pay immediately if I bid on something (unless it ended when I was sleeping or out). Won't you expect her to ship as soon as possible?
  8. I think that it's rude for the seller to request payment when it has not even been 24hrs!
    Maybe they are a little ticked that they had to sell the shoes for $50.00 when the reserve price was $150.00, but hey that's not your problem!
    I would pay for the shoes and request a confirmation that they were sent out to you.
  9. Normally I do pay right away. But the auction ended on Friday night while I was out and I was out of the house most of the day yesterday. There's really no excuse at all for a seller to threaten to relist after 13 hours (especially from 11pm on a Friday night to noon on a Saturday!) when they had nothing in their auction demanding immediate payment. As for sellers, I expect them to ship in a reasonable amount of time and don't demand immediate shipment even when I pay immediately. I recognize that people have lives outside the internet.

    I am just going to go ahead and pay and see what happens. Fingers crossed. I am a little worried about the shoes "getting lost in the mail" or something suspicious. I definitely want tracking. I think I will also let her know that charging $25 for insurance is against ebay policy. She's basically making it so no one will purchase insurance with that markup.
  10. What a yucky seller..... I don't think it is right that "require" payment within 24hrs or they will relist it is rude.

    I would send payment and include a little note stating that they send you the DC# within 24hrs or you will be filing a claim through paypal...:graucho: I doubt they would liked to be threatened as well.
  11. Let her know that you want delivery confirmation added, I believe its an additional 1.35. good luck
  12. No need for the buyer to ad DC, if she paid through paypal insurance and DC is repsonsibility of the seller, and at $20 to ship it should be included anyway.
    If they get "lost in the mail" paypal will refund your money under the buyer protection
  13. Haha, I have to laugh because this gets worse and worse! Turns out she relisted the shoes yesterday. I am not sure what time the auction started, but they were purchased at 9:33pm ET. The auction I won ended the day before at 11:40pm! So she resold the shoes less than 24 hours after I won them! I reported her for excessive shipping/insurance and I will also fine a non-performing seller. I bet she gets banned. I am almost glad, though, because this person clearly is a terrible seller and maybe the shoes would have turned out to be SNAD.
  14. holy crap thats disgusting!i am so sorry what scum
    dont let her get away with it! :smile:
  15. ^^Don't worry, she won't get away with it! I already reported her for excessive shipping on both my auction and the second one. She truly is a horrible seller and a disgrace to ebay. I have been lucky thus far, I must say. I will keep updating with what happens. I imagine with positive feedback of only 81.1% and now this that she would at least get suspended.