FUMING at my BF and he doesn't know. Purse story.

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  1. We had to rush my dog to the vet because of a dumb bee sting, and I was carrying my bf's keys in my brand new Botkier Sophie satchel.

    On the way to the car, I am holding my small dog in my arms and he's carrying my purse, trying to get his keys out. Out of an ENTIRE TRUNK LID that has one big splotch of bird sh*t, he chooses to rest my purse ON TOP THE DRIED BIRD SH*T to make it easier for him to dig through my purse. He has about 4 feet of clean space to do this, but no. He HAS to rest it on the bird poop.

    Of course, I can't yell at him because he just helped me rush my dog to the vet. So I stand there, holding my dog, with my lips in a tight line.

    Guys are so freaking dumb. I just want to smack him over the head.

    Any idea how to disinfect without ruining the leather?
  2. Wow that sucks! I dont think its going to be ruined though, embarassingly enough I had something similar happen. Except mine was worse. I was standing outside and a bird crapped on one of my spy bags :roflmfao: I was horrified, but I rubbed the damage off with a wet cloth and then my SA cleaned it with something at the boutique and it was good as new, no smell at all too luckily. I hope your bag is ok!
  3. lol you have to train your bf to know that you can't just place a handbag anywhere!!! my BF thinks i'm anal, but whatever, he knows better NOW! he used to place it on the car floor, and that IRKS me like crazy.

    i would politely ask him, that next time, don't put it on top of bird poo...
  4. This happened to me except with one of my Balenciaga City's! It was SO horrible because i was having the worst day of my life (seriously), was on the phone complaining to a friend about what an assh**e this guy was, and out of nowhere *SPLAT* i was like "OMFG!!" Luckily i had a makeup remover sheet with me that took it off super easy. I was beyond pissed.
  5. I never let my dh carry my bag...I don't trust him. I can't even have my bag with me in the front sit when he drives...he always carries around a sloshing, sticky cup of coffee that drips everywhere and I have to set in the trunk to keep it safe!
  6. Boys can be so dumb. I'm sure he has no idea that this was a big deal. As others have said, your bag isn't ruined at all. someone mentioned a make-up remover sheet; also, if it were me I'd wipe with one of those clorox/lysol wipe cloths that are moistened. I think a wipe would be enough, it wouldn't need harsh rubbing which might damage the leather or fade the color. You could call Botkier, too.

    good luck.
  7. Most important thing is how is your dog? Bee stings can be deadly if stung near the face area. My dog has been stung twice but both times he stepped on the bee so it was on the foot. But we still had to rush him to the Vet's office.

    For your purse I would suggest cleaning it with baby wipes. Heck isn't that what baby wipes are meant for cleaning poop.

    As long as the dog is okay that is all that matters you can always get another bag.
  8. Oh......my I had my husband hang on to my purse one time in a park while I visited the restroom, and when I came out, he was sitting on a brick wall with my purse next to him. When I lifted it up, he had put it down on a huge wad of GUM that kept stretching out as I removed it farther and farther from the wall. I was mortified!!!! The spot didn't come out and I tossed the bag when I got home!
  9. It's not like the poop was still fresh, lol. IDK - I wouldn't have been that angry.
  10. He's doing quite well. I insisted they give him the allergy medicine as a precaution, even though he wasn't showing any allergic reaction, plus a little morphine to dull the pain. I felt so horrible watching him limp around. He's only 9 pounds so the pain must have been terrible.

    He's a great little guy.
  11. Hope your doggie is fine.
    That was kind of unthoughtful of your bf but he probably doesn't get it.
  12. i stopped lending out my bags because one night i was out with a friend. she was carrying one of my favorite bags (can't remember which right now), and we were eating at an outdoor nyc cafe... when she casually tossed my lovely bag on the dirty ground.

    i was like, "um, dogs pee there!"
  13. I'm glad the dog is all right!

    This reminds me of a guy I dated for, oh, two weeks--he teased me endlessly about my bags, then once in a parking lot I leaned against the car next to his and put my foot on his car's tire--and he *flipped out*. "Don't do that! You'll get the whitewalls dirty!"--and he got a wet wipe from his pocket to scrub where the sole of my shoe was. Yyyyyeah, dude. SO dumped.
  14. Not sure on how to disinfect but period gentle wipes will be fine, I doubt the dried bit seeped into leather like fresh poop would have. It's a good idea just to let him know to be careful early on so that he's well trained to respect your belongings --

    unless he's the type of guy that comes from the same mold as my DH -- the absent minded professor -- no matter how many times I tell him not to do such and such with my stuff, he never remembers! :cursing:

    (Thank goodness all material goods are replaceable, in one form or another.)
  15. ^^^ lmao!!!!! I loved reading all these!!!