Full time workers - how do you make your day more interesting?

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I am wondering what you full time (or part time too I suppose) workers do to make your work days more interesting. I am stuck in the work, eat, sleep, work routine even though I have plenty of time to do other things as I've usually escaped by 5.

    So tell me, working people, what do you do before/after work?
  2. In DC, happy hours are a big part of the culture, but that's not necessarily the case every where. I SHOULD go to the gym but I'd rather crash and watch tv haha
  3. Since I have kids my after-work time is always a bit chaotic. This one has homework, this one got in trouble, this one has a runny nose, etc.

    But for *me* time, I like to go for walks when I get home, read a book - I try to mainly keep myself away from the computer since I'm in front of it all day anyway, but sometimes I just can't tear myself away ;)
  4. I don't usually do much before work as I wake up, take a shower, and am on my way to the office. During the workday, I talk with my coworkers if I'm not busy. I'm grateful to work in a casual environment, where it's completely open. After work, I usually go to the gym if I'm not feeling too lazy. If it's nice outside, I'll go shopping or take a walk for a bit before heading home. Some days, I'll meet up with colleagues or friends to grab dinner and drinks. Happy hours are big in NYC, especially after a long workday/week.
  5. I exercise during my lunch hour, then eat my food at my desk afterwards. That's about it!
  6. Before work, me n pooch are big fans of the snooze button. Then its this mad scramble of fml before getting to work.

    Work day flies by and then its back home to chill and relax with puppy n bf. :smile:
  7. Especially now that it's warming up I get way more active. When I get home I'll change right away into my gym clothes and hit the gym for a bit or take the pooch to the doggie park or for a hike. Even just going on a walk or an outdoor mall/cafe to read.. just to feel the sun on my face does a lot for me. My girlfriends and I also have a game night once a month at a local inn with about 40 other ladies that's a blast. I'm also looking to join a semi-pro cheer squad soon so hopefully that will be great!

    There's tons of stuff out there!
  8. i daydream about bags mostly LVs and what i want to add/remove from my wishlist
  9. Gah, I'm just glad if I get home before 10pm and have enough energy to eat dinner.
  10. I work in an open area with people who do a job similar to mine so try to talk to them when we all have a free moment. We are near our kitchen area (with television) so had done things like watch the Olympics during lunch hour. I commute not even a far distance, but a pretty big time suck to and from work so usually just end up watching tv/collapsing when I get home. I should go to the gym/head to the park or something but hard to motivate myself to do it.
  11. Exercise before and after work, even if it's something as gentle as walking our dog - get out, get my head clear and the endorphins pumping :yes:

    Cook delicious things - love my DF and especially love feeding him.

    Read, watch an episode of whatever my favourite show is at the moment. Browse the web. Talk to family or friends on the phone.

    Sometimes do chores so I know I have my weekends a bit more free :biggrin:

    I like to have a very routine Monday-Wednesday, so that Thursday or Friday I can go out with a girlfriend or DF if I want to (often I'm too tired and just want to crash BUT it's good to feel like I can go out :P)
  12. This is basically my work week too!
  13. For me its very important, that my office is always tidy, smells good and is nicely decorated. Once a Week i only work until 4pm and then meet up with my girlfriends.

    Exercise three times a week after work.

    I love to cook it after I get home.

    And the most important thing is, that I regularly reward myself for the hard work. Mostly with shopping but only once or twice in the month.
  14. Well I do retail so I pray that a nice customer walks in.

    But really, the store is small, dressy men's shirts and ties and getting to meet new people and sometimes have a little chat is fun.