Full Size Elle Bag??? Silver hardware?

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  1. Hey TPFer's,

    Anyone know if there are plans to release full size Elle's... not a big fan of the mini but would love a larger size...

    Preferably in black (or any color for that matter) with silver hardware.

    Thank you!
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    the regular size does exist but the black one just sold out online when i've checked just now. perhaps you will find it at Saks or Neiman Marcus at store or later during some private/ sample/ flash sales.
    btw, the hardware used for the black and red Elles is light gold. not sure which one is using silver hw.
    ok, the white Elle uses silver hw: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Rebecca-Minkoff-Elle-Studded-Leather-Satchel-Bag-White/prod163130109/p.prod?ecid=NMALRFeedgcdL/ATRVoE
  3. Thank you! I also came across one at Piperlime!