Full Size Adele Wallet in Speedy 25

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  1. Hi, I am new to Louis Vuitton and trying to decide on my first bag. I've been looking at the speedy 25 because I prefer smaller bags, but I already own the full-size Adele wallet. According to measurements on the site, this wallet is smaller than the bag so it should fit, but I was just wondering how well it actually fit - if it got caught on the zipper, or it's hard to get out because I've read that the speedy 25 has a smaller opening. If anybody owns these two pieces, could you please post pictures or describe it. Thank you so much :smile:
  2. It can fit but u have to put it in and remove at an angle. Once inside it fit fine. I found it a pain to get it in and out of my speedy 25 so I downsized my wallet. I always worried about possibly scratching it against the zippers and tried to be careful each time. Too much work and effort for me.
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  3. Oh, I see. I might look at a different bag then, or getting the speedy 30 instead. Thank you so much :smile:
  4. I don't know about the size of Adele, but I use my full size Sarah wallet in my speedy 25 on a regular basis. You do need to put it in at an angle, but it is not too annoying to me. :smile:
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  5. I have the speedy b 30 and the caissa wallet and I (because I'm being extra careful lol) still put it in on a small angle. It's really not a big deal to do it. It becomes a habit lol
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  6. Hmm I think the Sarah wallet is a bit smaller than the Adele according to the site, so it might be a tight fit. Thank you so much for the help :smile:
    that's true, eventually it'll become habit and not seem like a big deal. Maybe it would be best to go into the store once I'm ready to buy a bag and see how my wallet fits into different bags. Thank you for the help!
  7. I've used my Speedy 25 with the full size Adele wallet, it worked well for me!
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