Full range availability?


May 6, 2008
Hello fellow bag-lovers! I'm a newbie to the bag buying game, I only bought my very first insanely beautiful Harlequin medium in blue two weeks ago and I love it love it love it! :yahoo::heart::heart::yahoo:

What surprised me was that I bought it in the Paris boutique and whilst they have three points of sale in the city, none seemed to store the entire range. Now I know that would be a huge amount of bags but I had thought for something like the Harlequin they would have had all the options, certainly in Paris. Why is it not so? Why is the big blue in London, the big pink somewhere else and the big beige in Paris? It just surprised me is all as I thought Paris a big selling point.


Dec 26, 2007
It depends on the store buyers. Even with flagship stores, buyers will try to tailor the selection to their customer base. For example, Prada stores in Asia may stock different colors and styles than their US counterparts based on what they perceived will sell better.

However, if you desire a color/style that is not available in your local designer store, the store is usually able to order an item for you from their foreign counterparts.

I'm not so sure about the departmental stores though. Sometimes, their selection will overlap but usually, they try not to. Also, if their buyers did not stock a particular style at the beginning of the season, it's most likely not in their look book. Hence, it'll be very difficult for them to do a special order for you.

Always ask to see their look books if you can. They are basically catalogs of what the store carries.