Full or half eternity?

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  1. Another search for a band over here. So far I have 2 options.

    Option 1

    Not a full eternity band but princess cut.

    Option 2


    Eternity band with round diamonds. the one available was rose gold but I would probably have a white gold one made if I were to choose this one. they unfortunately do not have it in princess cut.

    what do you ladies suggest? should the eternity band diamonds match the solitaire or do you think it works? can I go with bigger total carat weight or would it take attention away from the solitaire? should I just keep looking?
  2. I should add that my husband really likes the rose gold eternity band to be worn on its own not with my solitaire...I am tempted to get it for my right hand maybe as I don't actually own an eternity band.
  3. This picture may help you. My band goes around 3/4 of the way with round diamonds. It was foolish for me to have a full eternity band and be worried about banging around the underneath section. 3/4 gives the impression of an eternity band. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467626324.048469.jpg
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  4. that's actually a great idea...3/4 band rather than eternity. I think a 3/4 leaves room for adjustments if need be?
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  5. I love the look of an eternity band but personally feel they are impractical since they cannot be resized & I would always worry about the diamonds underneath. I prefer the 3/4 band. You get the look of an eternity band without the cost of full diamonds all the way around. Plus you can still adjust the size if need be.JMO
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  6. I love the idea of a 3/4 eternity style. I owned a full eternity, Memoire brand, that I just sold because I could only wear it during colder months when my fingers weren't swollen like the sausages they are. Lol. I also considered that someday my daughters would not be able to wear the ring because of sizing. Resetting is expensive; giving yourself the option to resize because of the 1/4 area that is just metal is fantastic.
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  7. Thank you ladies. I've already contacted my jeweler to see if they can make me the ring in 3/4 eternity style. To be honest I was also worried about resizing especially since our family is not complete and my fingers will probably swell up during future pregnancies if we do end up pregnant...I feel like that is something important to be considered.
  8. Half or 2/3 either way bec you can resize it later, it'll be more comfortable and less prone to damage. But I would also get a spacer bec the exposed girdles are going to eat your setting alive and the setting will beat the life out of the girdles on this band.
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  9. I never thought about the resizing issue despite having mine resized. My fingers are like sausages fresh off a barbecue in the summer.
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  10. Just beautiful, Tink! :heart:
    If I were to buy an eternity band, OP...this is the way I'd go. The illusion of a full eternity without the hassle. Trust me, your finger size will get "fuller" over the years so sizing is important. I love the round stone band with the princess cut e-ring.
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  11. Thank you :heart:

    Oh I know- my fingers have already swelled up to double their size during my pregnancies and even now, they are not as they used to be haha. So I completely agree. Currently waiting for my jeweler to get back to me on making the round stone band in the 3/4 style.

    Thank you so much everyone!
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  12. SQ is right...your fingers will bet bigger as you age. If I had gotten an eternity band when I first got married, I would not be able to wear it now. I have rings now that I need to get resized but just haven't taken the time to do so.
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  13. Thank you, SQ. I miss seeing you around the forum. This is my second band. My first was a princess cut channel set band. Oddly, I disliked the princess cut band with the e-ring. I much prefer the round band with the e-ring. Who would have thought.

    The current band is not too old and I recently had a half of a size added.

    cdtracing- I have a number of rings that need sizes added. I just don't feel like spending the money as my wish list with new items keeps growing!!
  14. Miss you, too, Tink :hugs:
    Haven't been on the Jewelry Forum lately but I miss you girls!
  15. To be honest I prefer the band with the same shape stones as your e ring but I think I would go a little smaller on the stone size.
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