Full Moon? Or am I the abnormal one????

  1. Has this full moon seemed extrordinarily *intense*!?!?

    While pulling into the gas station this morning, a woman almost hit me: she was manuvering a GINORMOUS Suburban out of a parrell parking spot while talking on her cell phone.

    Clearly she could not do both as she almost rammed me. I quickly reversed and avoided the collision.

    As she drove by I mouthed the words, "get off the phone".

    She actually stopped her car, got out, and knocked on my window.

    When I rolled it down SHE yelled at ME for judging her.
  2. Definitely a FULL moon... :noggin:
  3. Oh I hate people driving while talking on the phone!

    I would have had some choice words for her.

    ( I just realized that most of my major pet peeves have to do with people using cell phones and I sell them for a living :sad: )
  4. :cursing: OMG, I cannot believe she yelled at you!
  5. LOL, (although it probably wasn't funny for you, just had this vision of a huge woman coming over to sort you out...) Full moon or not, hope you stood your ground and gave her a piece of your mind, stupid cow!
  6. wow totally hate ppl who talk on the phone while driving... i guess it takes a big accident for them to learn...
  7. I don't know about the full moon, but this lady sounds like a quack.
  8. In front of my university, the section of street has 4 traffic stops. Each has a brick crossing path and a signal bell if you want to cross, but there is NO student right-away there. The students will kinda freak out drivers by dodging cars at times, but no one has ever been hit. Someone almost got creamed yesterday, because I was driving through a green light at 35mph, and some kid on a cell phone not paying a bit of attention walks right out in front of my car and DOESN'T EVEN NOTICE he almost got hit, just keeps on the cell phone and walks on, while I had to slam on my brakes as hard as I could. My mouth: :wtf:
  9. LOL, it was hysterical and completely unbelievable. I was sitting there in my tiny convertible while this woman just screamed at me that I had no right to judge her, it was none of my business if she wanted to carry on a conversation and drive at the same time.

    Wrong! She made it my business when she almost hit me!! :boxing:

    We were in this very very ritzy district, I was filling up next to a Lambo and in sight of a Ferrari and every other car was a Bimmer or a Benz. Everyone was just staring at us!!

    The funny thing was, she was TINY!!! Like 5' nothing, 95 lbs soaking wet :p
  10. LOL, crazy. That was a dumb thing for her to do. She didn't know what kind of person you are. You could have beat her a## for almost injuring or killing you.
  11. How rude of her...that was a good piece of advice that she should use!
  12. Silly woman on the phone, how many accidents have been caused that way!
  13. I know what you mean! Yesterday, I was driving my son to the park to meet up with DH where he was playing basketball with his buddies. On the way there two people almost hit me while I was at a stop sign. Fricken demons I tell ya! They love to come out during a full moon.
  14. What does a full moon cause I have no idea. Like why would the moon have anything to do with it, I'm, curious. I know the moon affects the tides in the ocean I mean so it has to affect us somehow does anyone know more about this?
  15. :cursing: :cursing: What a MEAN woman!!:cursing: :cursing: