1. Do any of you lovely ladies orrrrr gentlemen play cards? POKER? hold'em? What card games do you like to play? Do you play for money? With your friends? Online?

    I love the play Texas Hold'em online and I watch tournaments on TV as well. I would love to play with people in person, with friends but I don't have the chance as often as I would like.
  2. Im not a big fan of cards! My husband plays poker EVERY wed. A big group of guys and ladies meet every week ...he never misses...it makes me crazy because they will play sometimes until like 4 am! So, when he comes home my dog and I wake up and can't go back to sleep for ages...EVERY WEEK!!!! :smile: Too bad you are not closer! You could join the group!
  3. my boyfriend is poker obsessed too.........he used to play online poker til ridiculous hours of the night every night and play in the poker rooms at casinos all the itme.......i love poker too but i'm horrible at card games :P
  4. I play Texas Hold 'Em sometimes. My favorite card game is BS, where you have to try to get rid of your cards, and if you don't have the card that's being asked for, you have to try and put down another card and lie, hopefully without getting caught. If someone calls BS on you and you're lying, you take the huge pile of cards. If someone calls BS and you're telling the truth, they take the pile. It can be a lot of fun :nuts:
  5. i can't play poker - but i wish i could - it should be in the blood, right?
  6. Just started playing poker! I watched the championships (?) just last month. I dont want to play with other people just yet though until I get decent :P
  7. The only card game I know how to play is Go Fish. No joke!
  8. Oh goodness, I don't know how to play poker or texas hold' em :shame: My friends are always having poker parties on tuesday nights and I feel embarassed whenever I go. I guess I have to learn...
  9. I love to watch poker on TV and at casinos; but, I don't play for money. I just can't get past losing money...:evil: ...I have played BJ and Poker for coffee beans. :P

    Go fish is up my alley and I used to love to play Strip Poker when I was single...hell, I'd still play if I had a few daquiris in me...:biggrin:
  10. i love to play texas hold em. we played sat. night, for money, there was like 8 of us. i made it to the end on 1 game, but lost. we stayed up till 4 am playing. we had a lot food too. it was a fun night.
  11. I play Texas HoldEm fairly frequently (2x a week?) b/c my bf is really into it and I've been 'one of the boyz' for ages so I do what they do! And may I say I'm not bad, either:lol: If you're hot, you can make a decent amount of money - we play $10 buy ins, with extra buy ins allowed, so with 5-6 ppl (8-9 ppl on a good night) with usually a couple extra buy ins, that's at least $70-80 in your pocket! Unfortunately, I'm no pro, so I don't win consistantly. Like, I'll win one or two, and then lose the rest until I'm not 'up' in money anymore. haha oh well. Fun times!

    Too bad I don't win all the time, then the boyz could fund some Louis;)
  12. I love playing regular poker for fun. I have no idea how to play Texas hold 'em.
  13. Playing for money is very fun, I recommend setting aside 5 or 10 dollars, and knowing your limits. You can have a lot of fun.

  14. It is fun and competitive and it is great to play with 10 dollar buy ins because its not too much money and its great fun.
  15. I love to play cards, esp Texas hold'em. I usually play with my guy friends, and a good practice for poker face!
    I agree with you, by setting aside the a small amount of money, you get to have a lot of fun w/o having to worry of going home broke.
    I'm going to Vegas in a month of two, we'll see if I can put my poker knowledge into some action in raising some purse funds.