full coverage foundation

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  1. which brand ha full coverage foundations? Is prescriptives any good? BTW..my skin type is oily and acne prone..
  2. Definately Laura Mericer! Its has great buildable coverage and doesn't make me break out. Try their oil free or powder foundation
  3. This topic was discussed pretty thoroughly a few weeks ago. I found a great new foundation from one of the tips.

    You might try to search for it. The word "foundation" was in the subject line.
  4. I am using Armani luminous founadation- and the coverage is pretty good to cover up scars :smile:
  5. mac foundation works wonders :wlae: but u need to make sure the make up goes all off when the party is over..or else cloggged up pores will come..otherwise no worries..
  6. I found that it made me break out more, I don't believe it is oil free which is probably the problem

  7. I have a lot of redness but found that Mary Kays medium coverage foundation really covers everything. It has never made me break out either.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.