Full coverage foundation?

  1. I'm looking to buy my mom a good foundation that provides full coverage for christmas (among other things).

    She currently uses the MAC studio stick, but she says that it doesn't cover her as well as she might like.
    She's fair skinned with a lot of freckles and she wants something that will be able to cover her freckles.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance :flowers::flowers:
  2. I have used Dermablend compact foundation--it is in a cream form. I used it to cover a birthmark on my shoulder for my wedding. It is waterproof and worked great!
  3. Where do you get Dermablend foundation?
  4. I´m equally as curious as to where you might be able to find a counter or a store. Because if I did end up choosing a new brand, I was planning on taking my mom to go test it because I want to get her the right shade and to make sure she's happy with the result.
  5. Dermablend covers REALLY well and also has a lot of staying power. You can find it at select CVS stores that have "healthy skin care centers." The center is separate from the rest of the beauty aisle and is run by a trained beauty professional. Call beforehand to check if the center is available at your CVS store.
  6. My friend made me a blend of Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer mixed with Nars Brightening Potion for me to try. It gives amazing full coverage that doesn't come off throughout the dau and it doesn't feel heavy either. It may be too much work though.
    Why don't you ask for a sample of those two items at Sephora and see how you like it?
  7. Theres a store locater on their webpage I think, I found mine at JC Penney (lol who knew they sold make up??) but some macy's carry it aswell.
  8. There is a dermablend counter in my Boscovs Department Store. You can order it online through skinstore.com.
  9. Loreal Mattique is great!

    I actually think its discontinued:sad:.. its really great.

    Another great coverage foundation is Mac Studio Stick foundation & Mac Full Coverage foundation. Mac is great for different colors they have in their ranges.:tup:

  10. Cinema Secret's cream foundation is great for full coverage, but not good for oily girls. I also like MUFE's Mat Velvet+ for oily skin. Dermablend also offers a lot of coverage, but was kind of cakey for me. It's available at Ulta and I think Vichy bought Dermablend, so you can find it at CVS.
  11. i like my dior flash spray foundation for full coverage
  12. Estee Lauder Double Wear has a lot of coverage, and stays on for hours.
  13. I also like Prescriptives brand. It's more of a medium coverage but the nice thing is that you can get a custom color blend to go PERFECTLY w/ your skin color. The coverage is so natural you don't even look like you are wearing make-up. BTW...I have a ton of freckles too so I know what she's going through. The custom blend is more expensive but to me it is totally worth it!

  14. I have this, and yes it does the job well indeed.
  15. Chanel Teint Innocence has full coverage but finishes beautifully, doesn't look caked on but has flawless coverage and makes you glow. I love it.