Full confession

  1. Wow. When did I start on the Purse Forum? Six months ago?

    Why did I ever beg Vlad for an Hermes subforum? I have become as addicted as any of you. I had it under control for a while, but I am taking baby steps towards a Birkin.

    Anyway, I guess I started with some of the more accessible bags that I saw for good prices on eBay. The tweed garden party looks great in person - such fabulous fall colors. It's the only bag that I might have wondered about its authenticity, but the stamp and blind stamp and construction all seem correct. I took it into Neiman's to compare.

    The picotin I just got this past week from an eBay seller whom I later invited here (nefariousmuze), because she seems as addicted as we are. It's vibrato and the construction is stunning and the colors subtle and perfectly neutral.

    I bought the Kelly because I'd had a terrible two weeks in May when I thought my Mother was dying. I'd come home from the hospital every night and read the forum, meanwhile I was planning her funeral. Sounds morbid, I'm sure, but after planning my father's funeral in a scant three hours, I wanted to make sure I did it right for my Mother. Anyway, it got me thinking about what I'd wear, and a Black box Kelly seemed like the obvious choice.

    I thought I'd start looking for a nice used one, and set a price limit for myself, hoping it'd take six months or more to find one. As it happened, I saw exactly what I was looking for the very next morning and seized it, without further thought. It was the right decision, and I'm happy to say my mother is feeling much better. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about giving the bag to her so she can use it as long as she's able.

    I just bought the elephant charm two weeks ago, having missed a great black togo 35cm Trim on jemzandjewels last month. I'm still looking for an everyday bag like that, and thought I'd be ready with a fun charm when I find it.

    That's pretty much all for now. (That is until I get the little vibrato coin purse I bought on Friday!)
  2. Coco-nut......thank you for your beautiful post! I'm very, very glad Mom is doing better, my dear. I can completely commiserate with you after going through something similar with both parents....

    And thank you for posting your beautiful bag collection! Here's my take......let Mom have a wonderful time with the Kelly that you LEND to her (she'll want you to keep it, I know) and BORROW it from her now and then.

    I LOVE your elephant charm....thinking of getting the heart one myself.....
  3. That is such a wonderful post coco-nut! I am so glad to hear that your mom is feeling better, and I love that you are thinking of giving her your STUNNING new Kelly. It is just gorgeous. And the Garden Party and Picotin are absolutely amazing! The colors are just perfect especially for Fall! You are going to look fabulous! Can't wait to see you at Somerset- you will definitely be turning heads wearing any of those bags!
  4. I'm so happy to hear that your mom is feeling better and that is so sweet of you to think of giving her the Kelly! I love box-leather Kellys! They are so elegant and classic!
  5. Thats' about the nicest thing I have read here-your mother will adore wearing the Kelly!
  6. whoa..Coconut!! that's a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL collection!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    Love the Kelly! but I have to say that's the most beuatiful garden party i've ever seen! and the most beautiful picotine i've ever seen! *wipes drool*

    And I am glad to hear your mom is doing better! hope she can wear the Kelly soon!
  7. Coconut, your bags are gorgeous and I am so happy to hear that your mom is doing better. :heart:
  8. coco - Thanks for posting. Nice confession! I love your choices in bags!

    So glad your mom is doing better!
  9. coco-nut, you have a wonderful collection!! all your bags are so unique.

    i'm glad to hear your mother is doing better and hope she can use your kelly!
  10. I'm also happy your mom is doing better - I definitely have had many reasons for buying my bags....a lot stress related as a matter of fact...and now have to stop and be good and can only purchase small items as I do need to focus on sending ds to college in one year...you have great bags and I hope that kelly will bring both your mom AND you happy times to come!
  11. Coconut, you're building a wonderful collection! :heart: I'm happy for you that your Mom is getting better...really sweet of you to give her the Kelly! She will be thrilled! :yes:
  12. Oh Coco what a sweet story. Elephants are known for their memory and bringing luck. It worked for your Mom:tender: Been there and done that with the parental units. Wish I had had something to take my mind off it as you did with the Purse Forum. Hermes addiction saves Coconut's sanity:nuts:
  13. Coco-nut, congratulations on your growing collection! Glad to know that your mother is doing well. What a lovely thought to give her the Kelly. Wishing you more beautiful Hermes!
  14. I'm so glad to hear about your mom AND your Kelly......both wonderful!
  15. oh the elephant pendant is so cute! very, VERY adorable collection and an obvious labor of love. *sigh*

    you're such a sweet girl. i'm very sorry for the loss of your father and am glad that your mother pulled through ok. poor thing :sad:

    and you definitely deserve the "daughter of the year" award for giving your mom your kelly.

    i hope your luck changes soon and wish nothing but good thoughts towards your family!