Full body liposuction at Honnete with B&A Photos


Jan 4, 2015
Hi all, some might remember me from my post few years back about my plan to go PBC for Full body liposuction. Due to some circumstances, I didn't go. I remember the time when they don't even cater foreigners and their full body lipo was at 5mil krw. Cheap right? I lose some weight, 72kg to 58kg, decided to go lipo for body sculpting and fat transfer to breast. Asked PBC but they quoted me so high its beyond my budget. Saw a post here on honnete and contacted them. All went well, I decided to go with honnete before even reaching korea. I did not consult other clinic. Did arms, tummy, flank, love handles, whole thigh and calves. Fat transfer to breast. Separated into two operations. Did not do back/braline, will do it the next visit (Jan 2023 maybe) with another session of fat transfer. Reached on 1st June, operations on 2nd and 8th and fly home on 14th. Dr Lee is super nice and skilful! He did told me his major is BA. Doing so many body parts in such short period are on case to case basis. Pictures speak louder than words so here is the before and after! Sorry for the stretch marks, got those when I gained 30kg during pregnancy. After are taken about two months later.