Fugus on Muse

  1. I have a dark brown large Muse.
    I havent used it for like 2 months and when I went to take a look at it last night, there was fugus on it! :confused1: I think it is due to the humidity here and because of it being un-used.

    Anyone has any great ideas on killing and preventing fugus on handbags? TIA and much appreciated!
  2. I think if you put those little packets that come in bottles of pills or sometimes in a new bag.. they are either little plastic thingies or little envelopes.. they dry out moisture. That should work. Not sure how you clean it up first though.. ;-(
  3. how do you know that it's fungus? did it turn your leather green? i hope this doesn't happen to mine!
  4. hmmm vinegar will kill the fungus, but maybe ty it on a tiny spot first , it may kill the leather too
  5. there was like a layer of mould/fugus on certain parts of the bag. well, i assume they are fugus or mould. erm...are they the same? :crybaby:
    the leather is still the same colour...its this layer of stuff on it...

  6. thanks for the suggestion.
    vinegar sounds a bit too strong. but i will try it on a tiny spot jus to try and see if it works.

  7. I wouldn't do anything to your bag until you contact Barbara at Loving My Bag. She, if anyone, will know what you should do. Don't ruin your lovely Muse!!!
  8. Is it a green layer or a whitish powdery film? I know when I used to have Ralph Lauren bags trimmed with dark brown waxy leather, if you don't use it for a while it develops a whitish film. It's just from the wax, not mold or anything sinister. I hope it's the same for your Muse :crybaby:.
  9. Thanks for all the advice.
    It is a light green layer - definitely not the powdery layer from the wax. :sad:

    Grace - how to contact Baebara from Loving My Bag? TIA!
  10. WOW! :wtf: Sorry to hear that. Hmm, makes me rethink if I want to get the Muse next...best of luck on the cleaning process!
  11. OMG how horrible!!! I'm in a panic for you! Think I'll go home and check up on all my babies tonight...
  12. that happened to a Fendi of mine (dark blue leather) that I had to leave in the basement of my coop in my storage unit unfortunately my unit was located near a window, ny snow, rain etc-My Mom cleaned it for me-I'll try to touch base w/ her today & ask what she used-i remember her being grossed out but have faith between our suggestions & lovin bags you should be set:tup:
  13. Thanks Grace for the URL.

    Thanks LVENYC! Would love to hear what magic your mum performed on the bag :smile:
  14. Put it in full sunlight, hot dry sun. That is how you kill fungus. I would not pur any chemicals on it.