Fugly Gaucho

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  1. Eeeeeeeeew.
  2. That is pretty wretched.
  3. Omg.... ewwwww!!! :blink:
  4. It's been ... ungauchofied.
  5. they're actually coming out with a gaucho that's very similar, with the stitching like that around the edges and fewer details than the one that's out now. the Dior SA showed me in the look book :sad:. but they are fugly.
  6. At least it says "inspired" and there're not trying to pass it off as authentic.........Still hideous though. :sick:
  7. :sick: Hahaha LMAO that is hideous! :lol:
  8. Yikes!!!!
  9. That is absolutely wretched!!!! Oh My... I wonder how many of those they are going to sell....
  10. they already made these?????????? the bag is still waitlisted in many places!!!!!!!!!!! and these are OUT with the fakes already?
  11. Yeah, but who is going to mistake this as the real deal?? Maybe they should look at that great green apple city B-bag.