Fugly Fakeroonie Kooba....

  1. You know, sometimes one wonders about these designer 'inspired' fakeroonies.

    We have all probably carried one at one time or another, probably not even knowing our error. Or sometimes someone just cannot possibly swing the real thing ....so they settle.

    But this Kooba:heart: fake is just plain sad. I would rather see them carry a Wal-Mart plastic shopping bag then this.

    Girls, DON'T SETTLE when it comes to Koobas:heart: !

    Feel free to post other fugly fakeroonies, we all need a laugh. *s
  2. Blech omg that's horrible :throwup:
  3. Not much worse than this fugly REAL one that they've been trying to get rid of for AGES on the Kooba website.

  4. Good heavens that is down right awful. It looks like something my cat threw up. What WERE they thinking??
  5. And it's SHEARLING! :throwup:
  6. !!! those things just scared me! :wtf:
  7. sh*t, that's wild! (literally!)
  8. Oh darn, I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a bag just like that, *snicker* and *wink*

    Nasty looking bag!
  9. That is one of the ugliest fakeroonies I've ever seen... thanks for the laugh!
  10. that is UTT BUGLY!!!!
  11. HAAHAHAH!!!!

    god the fake is ugly but the real one is ugly too!!
  12. ITA :yucky:
  13. Blech! And they probably sell the real thing for $600+.
  14. eww- both are atrocious!
  15. That fake is just nasty. It looks like dead cat with handles.