fugly "designer" cars

  1. shoot, if you thought dooney & bourke BAGS were ugly, check out what I passed in my friend's neighborhood!!! I couldn't believe it.
  2. What the ???????? :amazed:
  3. Ewww...that is wrong in so many ways. :sick:
  4. hah i prefer real designer cars... the ones that actual fashion icons design and colorize.. those are awesome. especially versace's and donna karen's cars.
  5. i ahvent seen those do u have any pics (or where i can find some) it sounds really interesting
  6. I can't believe anyone would find that attractive!
  7. (Donatella) Versace Mini Cooper:

    i can't find others.. but i know it's for the komen breast cancer foundation, they do it every year. i know the past designers include Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Valentino, Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana..
  8. Boom-sha-kala! Aiiiiiiiiiii.......

  9. :sick::sick:
    here in rome a girl has a LV monogrammed mini cooper...a bit showy, but...:cool:
  10. omg i adore that car (donatellas) thats is the ultimate car for me! i dont want a HAC birkin anymore i want that car!!!
  11. I would look rediculous in that (or any) Mini Cooper!
  12. DB monogram bags are :sick: but this car is :sick::smash:
    What are those people thinking?

    Donatalla's car is pretty cool though
  13. My question is this: If you're going to spend all that money on a monogram car...why not do a good high-end purse brand???!!!?? UGH

    Either way the car is hideous, but at least it looks like you have expensive taste in handbags lol
  14. Oh my!
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