1. OMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I discovered them about a week ago and I've already gone through 2 boxes! Yikes lol! But they're addictive!
  2. .............:shocked::shame: I just ate 3 of them in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's it.. I'm not buying any more of them!!!
  3. fudgebars are SOOOO good!! i enjoyed them TONS when I was in elementary school and now youre making me CRAVE them again. they're like frozen chocolate yogurt!
  4. When I was pregnant with my son, for about two weeks, all I wanted and ate was fudge bars...I know...gross!

    My "popsicle" obsession is Dreyers Strawberry Fruit Bars...BEYOND yummy!

  5. ^ oh man! those are delicious too!! i really like the coconut one as well
  6. ^^^ oo those fruit bars are awesome... fudge bars are really good tooo =] i want some now
  7. THESE ARE INSANELY DELICIOUS! And so refreshing! Hmmm! I love both fruit bars AND fudgebars. A box could be gone on a nice hot Sunday!
  8. Have you tried the fudge bars by Skinny Cow?? They're good-sized and thick, sooooo yummy, and only 100 calories a bar! :tup:

  9. yessss they're deliciousss!!!! hmmm i think i'll make SO stop at supermarket later so i can buy a box
  10. lol, I'll race you there! :lol:
  11. Stop tempting me lmao!!!!!!!!
    I'll eat the whole box!!!

  12. they're totally addicting and don't taste like diet. taste just like thick chocolate :drool: what makes it worse is that you have it stuck in your head that they're only 100 calories so whats one more....and one more...and another :nuts:
  13. ^ OMG have you been reading my mind???!?
  14. lol i know liz its sick
  15. These things are sooooo yummy! I haven't tried the coconut ones yet, but I see them everytime I'm in the grocery store. I'll have to pick some up.