Fudge heritage bays

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  1. Ave these ever come to the outlets? Can you still buy them?
  2. There was 1 at Shepton Mallet also when i was asking about the Pheasant :smile:
  3. Oh my when was that? Do you know how much?
  4. End of last week give them a ring and they will check what they have. Can post for £7.50 as long as not a sub. :smile:
  5. I just phoned them and they said they had not had any heritage bays in just the normal ones. Got excited there :smile:
  6. Must of all sold, they get a delivery on Monday.

    Have you tried York or Bicester.
  7. Shepton Mallet has 2-3 Pheasant Green Heritage SBS in at the moment :smile:
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