Fudge Glossy Buffalo and Colour transfer


May 18, 2010
Hi ladies :smile:

Haven't been active for a while due to new job :P but now I have my eyes set on an Evelina Fudge Glossy Buffalo, but I'm worried about colour transfer. I live in Denmark so similar weather during wintertime as England more or less.

I tend to wear dark colours - is it hopeless getting this bag? I would like to use it as an everyday bag as it's the perfect size for that :biggrin:

Thoughts are much appreciated!
Jul 9, 2009
I have a friend who has just bought this as her main bag....her first mulberry ....she has sprayed it well and used it every day with no transfer....beautiful colour and a lovely bag very understated and classy...I say go for it and make sure you spray it often