Fuchsia vs Magenta Suede Declics

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  1. Can anyone help with putting Fuchsia and Magenta suede declic side by side? After eyeing purple now I am thinking, is the Fuchsia different enough to the Magenta for to perhaps get a pair of fuchsia too? What do you think?

    Some pics of the fuchsia is redder than others, some more pinkish than others. I prefer the pinkish fuchsia. I won't consider them if they are reddish.

  2. Sorry guys, I know I have brought this up before. And some of you have showed me how different they are to each other.

    But this "fuchsia" suede Rolando pic threw me off:


    Fuchsia suede:


    Magenta suede:


    The fuchsia suede rolando seemed more purple-ish pinkish and the pic of the declic showed more reddish pink. If that make any sense....
  3. ^^That could be the case, since the fuchsia Rolando is from a different season, but the fuchsia of this season seems much brighter. The fuchsia Declic and C'est Moi look the same, so I am pretty sure the fuchsia this season is the pinker shade.
  4. I don't have magentas, so I can't post side by side pics for you, but I can say that my fuschia declics are very, very pink. There's basically no other tones in them - not red or purple. The magentas, which I've seen in person, have a berry sort of base. They are definitely different from each other if you're looking for a justification. But I personally wouldn't get them both in declics - maybe get on in a VP or NP for some extra variety.
  5. hehe thanks ladies. no no, i am not looking for a justification to get both. i think i am going to leave it to magenta. i don't they are different enough anyway. thanks again!