Fuchsia Vernis

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  1. Hi

    I am thinking of getting a fuchsia vernis lexington - how much would I be looking to spend on ebay -- what is an average price -- as I dont want to get ripped off :biggrin: I know that they are a more expensive colour - but I dont want to jump on one and then realise if I had waited I could get one cheaper.

    Any info would be great

  2. I don't know what the prices would be.
    There is a MyPoupette reseller named Paixi who had a fuschia lexington for sale a short while back. I've seen it on her site re-listed a number of times. Why don't you give her a shout?
  3. Thanks I may just do that :smile:

    Does anyone else have any idea on pricing these days :smile:
  4. I don't know, but I did a search of all ended listings on eBay w/ the terms "vuitton, vernis, lexington" to give a broad range.
    I didn't specify color because I notice not everyone calls the colors the same name and I didn't want to let any slip through the cracks.
    Here's the result:
  5. Fuscia, I believe, was some sort of limited edition color for Spring 2003 (around Valentine's Day) that was produced in limited numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if the price is relatively high for a used one as opposed to a new Lexington.

    Hey, why don't you get the Framboise Lexington? It looks very similar to the Fuscia plus you'd be getting it brand new.
  6. Excellent thankyou - well there is one on there which ended for under $300 but it has a few marks on it ....

    I will have to keep my eye open and watch the ebay market LOL
  7. I have not had the pleasure to see the Framboise IRL and I do have a Fuchsia broome which I did want to use with the Lexington .. as a matching pair .. do you own the framboise colour is it yummy.
  8. I have the framboise agenda, it is a gorgeous color! :love: Yummy is a good word to describe it, it really does remind me of raspberries :biggrin: I don't think it's as bright as the fuschia, from what I have seen of that color in other eBay auctions.
  9. Yes, the framboise is tasty! Go to eluxury.com and check it out!
  10. For people who missed out on the fuschia, the new framboise is a pretty good substitute.

    I'm still waiting for LV to hopefully release some sort of baby blue. That's my favourite colour, deleted for a long time.
  11. A bit off topic, apologies...but eyelove, I just got a Lavender baby blue-ish Vernis Spring Street and it is a GORGEOUS color! I missed the boat in 2003, and I was so ecstatic to find it on Ebay (MyPoupette authenticated of course).

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  12. love it - did you get a good deal ??
  13. WOW, that is beautiful! ...I could stare at it for hours :biggrin:.
  14. I Think I May Go For Framboise.. I Am Going Up To Lv In The Next Month So Will Go Check It Out In Store ... And Purchase Probebly .. Have The Whole Lv Experience Lol
  15. That is beautiful! There is another one on eBay that I was just looking at :biggrin: