Fuchsia & Rose Shocking

  1. I just read a post from another forum where a member said that her SA told her that Hermes is phasing out Fuchsia for Rose Shocking?!!! Is that true? As much as I like Rose Shocking, it doesn't come in exotics and I'm an exotics person ... Can someone please confirm? I'm feeling so depressed right now :crybaby:
  2. ^ me too......I love fuschia, not a great fan of rose shocking.
  3. highly doubt it. fuschia is hot selling and paris accepts orders for it and even does it in exotics (the best hint they are not discontinueing it)

    ah and kou please clear your inbox :flowers:
  4. Thank goodness~~~

    Oh and my inbox is cleared~~:flowers:
  5. I just called my store mgr, she said she havent heard of them phasing it out !!

    Anyway, I BEGGED for a 30cm fushcia birkin :P
    She dint promise me one, I hope I can get lucky :girlsigh:

    Damit, I want one SO BADLY !!! This is despite me already having a fuschia ostrich kelly !!!

    I love pinks :yahoo:
  6. Rose Shocking is to shocking for me, looks like bubleyum gum

  7. Count me in as pink lover too!

    katyc, I think a 30cm fucshia birkin would be stunning! Hmmm, just the thought of it makes me drool badly.. 30cm fuchsia chevre birkin ----> yummmmyyy!! I wonder if hermes ever does fuchsia in box calf? wow, I bet that would be double drool..
  8. Pink is a beautiful color~ I really hope Hermes comes out with more pink (and keep the old ones) in every leather possible:yes:

    Katyc, a fuchsia Birkin 30cm will be simply TDF. Btw, what size is your fuchsia ostrich Kelly? rigide or souple?

    Sarahcantiik, I was told that fuchsia doesn't come in box calf but frambois does.:flowers:
  9. Kou, I have never seen framboise, is it similar to fuchsia? Why on earth H doesnt make fuchsia in box calf? *sad*

    btw, Kou, I saw a 35 souple fuchsia ostrich kelly when I was in Lyon. It's a bit big, but very very cute. Just sitting pretty on window display.

    I know you adore fuchsia ostrich, are you after birkin or kelly? and what size?
  10. I wish they make box calf in fuchsia too. Can you imagine? A fuchsia vibrato Birkin (or Bolide) where the solid part is fuchsia box calf and the vibrato part is fuchsia mixed with cream, black, white, and light pink streaks?

    In terms of the conventional non-special-ordered sizes, I like Birkin 30cm, HAC 28cm, Kelly 28cm (RIGIDE only):yes:

  11. I asked about framboise before !
    My Store Manager says its rare, almost phased out :crybaby:
    Its a very pretty shade of pink ! Not as bright as fuschia.

    My kelly is 28cm souple in fushchia ostrich.

    I saw a gal with the 30cm chevre fuschia birkin, and it made me go *gaga* ... I love pinks !! They go well with everything including jeans !!! :yahoo:
  12. Sorry but IMO, rose shocking is UGLY. :shrugs: My SA didn't tell me anything. I'm still waiting for my fuschia croc birkin. :hysteric:
  13. In terms of frambois, I think I actually prefer Rose Shocking to Frambois because Frambois has a bit of red in it. I don't look good in frambois. So my preference amongst the three is actually something like this: Fuchsia -> Rose Shocking -> Frambois
  14. called yesterday and no fushia stays rose shocking is just another colour rimary for smaller leather goods and also available on skins fushia does not come in.
    kou do not forget the nw rose drageé i bet you´ll love that colour
  15. Yay!! Thank you Lilach!!!:yahoo: And you're right, I like Rose Dragee too, it's so a beautiful classic shade of pale pink:love: