Fuchsia Ostrich: you perfer Kelly Or Birkin ?

  1. I want to save money and get one for my Mum.
    Before ordering, i need more suggestion.

    Thanks everybody. :heart:
  2. I like them in both. I think I prefer birkin but the kelly is lovely too.

    depends on your mother's style, etc
  3. I think a smaller Birkin (28cm or even 25cm) or a 28cm Kelly in fuschia ostrich would be absolutely divine!:heart: But, as Guccigal said, it all depends on your mom's style.
  4. Agree...which would your Mom love more. Personally, I'd love either!!!
  5. i dont know as well. Becuase she never has a kelly or a birkin.
    That is why i want to give her a big surprise.
    But i dont know which one is more pretty.
    Because i like both as well. And i wish i could borrow from her sometimes if i could buy her one .haha
  6. This is a tough one! I love them both.

    If your mom leans a bit more to the elegant side, I vote a Kelly.
    If she is more casual chic, I vote for the birkin.

    **On a side note**
    If you think she needs a totally user-friendly bag or if she is a tiny bit impatient, maybe get her the birkin. I love the Kelly, but you must be the type of person who doesn't mind the bit of extra effort needed to get inside of the bag.

    Either way...she will be very fortunate!
  7. Thanks everbody. I will go for a kelly 32cm.