Fuchsia Ostrich: Which Hardware


Which Hardware Should Fuchsia Ostrich Go With?

  1. Gold Hardware

  2. Silver Hardware

  3. Ruthenium Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I know I've asked this in passing before but I figure it's probably easier to do this as a poll thread. As you all know, I just love fuchsia ostrich~~ In fact, I'm trying to get all my favorite styles of bags in fuchsia ostrich first before expanding into fuchsia porosus and other ostrich colors ... Anyways, all of my Hermes bags so far had been silver hardware and it does appear that silver goes pretty much with everything. However, ever since someone helpfully (or not so helpfully) pointed out to me that all silver gets monotonous especially when the leather is always pink, I cannot get that out of my head. Therefore, in your opinion, do you feel that fuchsia ostrich should go with: GOLD, SILVER, or RUTHENIUM hardware? TIA:flowers:
  2. Kou, most people will probably say palladium... I just love warm tones with gold and cool tones with palladium, and black or brown or purples with ruthenium:flowers:
  3. silver as it adds something to it. gold maybe but i can´t imagine that the warm tone of gold goes with the cold tone of fuschia it might be clashing. and ruthenium well it might be edgy and very modern "blade runner" style butsomething just bothers me about it . i think ruthenium looks best with darker colours like black bleuroi or even some reds may work but a cshiny spring colour it may look " displaced"
  4. I have to say palladium. I'm trying to imagine gold hardware on my bag and I don't like the image I'm seeing. I think the palladium really looks great and I don't think gold would look so hot.
  5. I love love palladium hw especially with fuschia!!! But it really all comes down to what YOU love most!!! You can never go wrong!
  6. Loving Palladium!
  7. agree with others :smile: or diamond hardware? Bling~~~!:graucho:
  8. So far silver hardware is winning :party:

    Diamonds sound nice too~:graucho:
  9. Palladium is my first choice, gold my second. :smile:
  10. definitely palladium for me. It's not the same as with jewelry which is smaller in size than a bag. The pink stones combined with yellow gold is definitely a lot different.
  11. definetely palladium :P
  12. Love Palladium with Fuchsia :heart: :heart:
  13. I voted palladium as well!
  14. kou, you are giving me angina attacks with all this fuchsia!
  15. ^hehehe!
    Kou, I know you've said that you don't want to have TOO much palladium hw and may be getting board with it. But fuchsia really is best with palladium, IMO. Since you've said that you also want some Blue Roi bags, those would look gorgeous with gold HW!