Fuchsia Ostrich Kelly Dog Bracelet: Which Combo is Better?

  1. Dear ladies, I finally took some pictures of my fuchsia ostrich Kelly Dog Bracelet with Gold hardware. I've attached four pictures below showing the different combinations I tried. I have paired the Kelly Dog Bracelet with the Black Dial Watch w/ Gold Hardware as well as the Gold Dial Watch w/ Gold Hardware. Please let me know which combo you think looks better. TIA:flowers:
    dog1.jpg dog2.jpg dog3.jpg dog4.jpg
  2. black dial i love the contrast it is taking a bit of the sweetness of the pink gold combo away and makes it more modern and gives it an unexpected twist :yes:
  3. Here's a vote for the white face.
  4. Another vote for the white face. (LOVE the pink ostrich, by the way SO pretty!).
  5. they're just both very different looks. one doesn't *go* less then the other though. i would have voted for the white face but i read lilach's post and i saw it her way and see the way they both work now. enjoy! (did i totally miss when you got this watch? major congratulations!!!)
  6. Gold face with Gold harware.
  7. Oh, shoot, I misread, that watch has a gold face. Let me switch my vote to gold face.
  8. I am partial to the gold face. : )
  9. I'd go gold face with gold hardware:yes:
  10. Depends on what you are wearing. I think if black go with the black face, if not the gold.
  11. ^^ Right. If you're wearing black, the black face might be cool.
    Otherwise, I prefer the gold face.
  12. Thank you ladies for your input!! You ladies really rocked!!! Ok, so in this case, should I just keep both the black face watch and the gold face one? Which one do you think is more versatile and can go with more variety of watch straps?
  13. white/gold
  14. Actually, would white dial gold hardware work better than gold dial gold hardware?
  15. Another question for you ladies~~ Would it be EXCESSIVE if I get the following:

    Gold Dial w/ Gold hardware (already have)
    Black Dial w/ Gold hardware (already have)
    Black Dial w/ Silver hardware
    White Dial w/ Silver hardware

    Should I just stick with two and let it be?:flowers: