fuchsia ostrich birkin or raisin clemence birkin-- which would you choose?

  1. i have the option of choosing between a fuchsia ostrich 30cm birkin with palladium hw or a raisin clemence 35cm birkin with palladium hw and i have no idea what to choose! i like the ostrich because its lightweight and exotic but i like the raisin because its more low key and its something i can use 10 years from now. i am worried about the weight of the clemence though. isnt a 35cm clemence substantially heavy? and how does the raisin look on clemence? i hear conflicting views on it! some call it gorgeous and some call it too purple! help!

    what are your opinions on the fuchsia ostrich? is it too flashy? im a mom of 4 (all below 9!) and aged 29. is the ostrich too old for me? i wear casual clothes all the time, not much chances of dressing up where i live.

    any opinions will help. thanks! :tup:
  2. i'm hugely partial to ostrich and the fuschia since i can tell you i have one, i thought it would be too flashy but that handbag gets more oohs and ahhs every single time i take her out than anything else...go for it! they are super light too, and very hardy. very youngish too, you will very feminine with it. IMO ostrich is not for older women alone.
  3. Here is my raisin clemence kelly, ebene clemence kelly, and black lizard kelly. This pic was taken without a flash in indirect natural sunlight. The raisin clemence looks brown when in artificial lighting at home or restaurants etc. It looks a chocolate brown, not as dark as the ebene. [I posted this pic in a different way than usual, so if you can't see it, please let me know.]

  4. haute couturess - you think so? what do you wear with your ostrich birkin? do you save it for special occasions or do you use it with casual jeans and flip flops? i also heard that exotic prices will rise again and i'm afraid i won't be able to afford an ostrich birkin when that happens! do the handles darken with wear? how does it hold up in rain?

    hummingbird -- thank you for the pictures! you have a lovely collection! the raisin looks so elegant in a kelly. now im really confused... you don't find it too purple? it looks perfectly like a raisin to me...:smile:
  5. Here is raisin clemence in direct, bright sunlight. In artificial incandescent lighting it turns to chocolate brown.

  6. one more thing i should mention: i already have a fuchsia kelly and thinking a fuchsia ostrich will make my collection redundant. it is STILL an ostrich though and if i have to own one ostrich, it will only be in fuchsia color and nothing else! i love having problems like these!! :smile:
  7. oh loving that lizard kelly!!!!!!!

    i wear my ostrich birkin with lots of casual summer skirts and dresses, not a huge pants person myself but i definately do not reserve her for a special occasion. anything white, pink, green, black i wear the fuschia with but other colors go as well, it is a super fun bag and i never see it in the store in anything other than a trim. i have never seen a mark on my ostrich yet but she is still new, i think all ostrich handles tend to darken over time but so what, they are replaceable and the weight is divine, this is my favorite skin now except for croc of course lol. i think you would be thrilled!
  8. hummingbird, it looks really purpley in natural light doesn't it? do you get a lot of wear from this bag?
  9. pen, i see what you mean about the fuschia kelly but they are truly two different bags...but you could always sell the fuschia kelly, if i had one that is what i would do...i dearly wanted it in kelly but to no avail.
  10. My understanding is that ostrich cannot get wet - bubbles and it cannot be fixed. If you have 4 young children, that might be a consideration.
  11. the weight is a huge factor for me when using a bag. i don't use my 35cm togo birkin except to the office. lugging it around the mall with 4 kids in tow is such a chore! would you say an ostrich birkin is timeless then? even if the color is quite loud?
  12. For half the day it looks like a raisin, for the other half - as soon as the lighting wanes and the indoor lights come on - it looks chocolate brown, you would not know it was a purple shade. The bright *purple* that H does is called violet. Ostrich raisin is lighter than clemence raisin, just for a reference point in case you see that bag here at tpf.
    As for fuchsia color - well I have a 35 cyclamen birkin, and I don't see how I could use that color on a routine basis. Perhaps at your young age you could.
    If i might ask, why these two specific choices?
  13. you cannot wet an ostrich? you're right, that's a major factor. i don't commute (impossible to do that in manila!) but accidents happen. i'm so undecided!!
  14. oh yes ostrich is fantastically light, the lightest one i have. to me the fuschia in ostrich is not loud at all, perhaps it is the ostrich bumps that make me think of polka dots? very sweet and pretty and i am averse to loud colors myself but the pink was just irresistible....cognac would be my dream ostrich bag though...
  15. these are the 2 remaining bags in my wishlist and i'm done for the year! these 2 are the most elusive bags and i couldn't find them until now. i'm afraid that if i pass it up, i won't find them again until a year or two has passed..but i can only afford one so i have to choose :sad:

    your comment on not using a fuchsia daily is right on the mark. you don't use cyclamen much?