Fuchsia Ostrich Birkin or Fuchsia Porosus Kelly

  1. I'm trying to decide between the two and I'm torn! I don't have a Birkin yet and I'm a huge ostrich fan. However, I like porosus croc as well (not as much as ostrich) and I've been told that it's difficult to order porosus Kelly or Birkin.

    Which one should I go with first? Please advise. TIA:flowers:
  2. what about fuschia porosus birkin :graucho: ( then we ´ll be bag twins)
  3. The croc Kelly sounds lovely, that is the one I would pick. But if you like ostrich better, and you don't have a Birkin, you would probably be happier with the Birkin. The fuschia ostrich birkins are really gorgeous.
  4. Fuschia Ostrich Birkin! This is my dream bag! LOVE IT!
  5. Keep this in mind as well, Ostrich is not afraid of the rain and you'd probably be less afraid to wear it out often. So then about how often you want to wear the bag, if it's for special events only, then get the croc, if it's for everyday get the Ostrich first, then order the croc and just wait patiently :smile:
  6. Ostrich hands down!!! I love ostrich and it's durable...I'm just not a croc fan - it looks very dressy to me....(watch I'll probably have one next month lol!)
  7. Def the ostrich birkin!!
  8. OMG Shoes....I could just see that happening!:yes:
  9. Shopmom411-- NOT funny!!!
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I shouldn't talk.....I'm on my way to San Francisco to return an impulse buy (don't ask.....) to LV and God only knows WHAT I'll come home with.....the H store is just around the corner!!!!!

    I should probably leave my checkbook and CC's at home, huh?

  12. Thanks everyone! I'm not even sure if my orders can be changed or placed since it's a different list for the Birkins. Considering that it's getting close to July, I don't know if my SA will make an exception and try to squeeze me in especially when in this case I told her I had wanted the porosus crocodile Kelly ...

    I'm actually more of a Kelly girl but considering that I've bought a couple of Kellys before and still no Birkins, I'm seriously craving a Birkin now ... I cannot pull off the casual chic look but I think with an exotic like the ostrich, it should work for most occasions ... I guess if I cannot change my order, then croc Kelly it is ...
  13. Hands down, fuchsia ostrich Birkin 30! AMAZING bag and can go very casual or very dressy, depending on your clothes. Since you already have a Kelly, go for the Big B!

    LOLOLOL, Shopmom!!!
  14. Yes...I agree with Greentea. A fushia ostrich Birkin would be gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! You can buy a croc/alligator Bearn or some other accessory which would look lovely pulling out of your ostrich Birkin!!
  15. hi kou!
    The fuschia ostrich birkin would be so feminine and fun to use every day. You can keep it in open or closed mode. I don't think I've ever seen the croc in fuschia, anyone know if it is brighter or deeper hue in croc?