Fuchsia medium Mabel

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  1. If anyone spots a medium Mabel in antiqued leather in fuchsia, would you be kind enough to PM me please?
    My lovely mum has a recently acquired Mulberry addiction and I'm desperate to find this bag for her. I did an outlet call today but there's none around at the moment.
  2. will keep the eyes peeled :shocked:
  3. SJ- you've created a monster!!!!

    (not saying your Mum is a monster- i mean another Mulberry addict!!!!!!)
  4. ^^^^ lol!
  5. ^^Oh she has her moments!
  6. My mum thinks £10 is a lot to spend on a bag!
    Bicester had one last week as they rang me as I was on their waiting list, I suppose it must have sold?
  7. ^^ mine too Rachie

    Is it one the same as mine she is looking for SJ?
  8. Yeah we saw it when we went last sunday because I tried it on. They must have sold it during the week.
  9. ^^I was hoping they'd still have it. Yes, Tiree, I think it's like yours. Not the patent, the antiqued leather.
  10. have they all gone from House of Fraser stores?
  11. ^^ Are they all sold out already? Isn't it just typical that we lust over bags as soon as they are sold out or no longer available.
  12. I will have a lookout for you Sara!!
  13. Did you try Canopy Leathergoods in Derby? They had one last week in fuchsia at half price and they do mail order. (New to this so not sure how to PM!)
  14. Hi SJ, Try Boros in Southampton, they had one a few weeks ago at half price, it may still be there?
  15. It's so not for your mum, is it?! :P It's for yoooooooooou! :nuts:

    Just kidding! Will keep eyes peeled for you :tup: