Fuchsia MAB?

  1. Has a fuchsia MAB anywhere to be found? I am new to RM... has this bag already been released? I keep seeing so much fuchsia and cobalts/EB out and I love devote and MAB's

  2. I was wondering the same thing! I'd love an electric fuchsia MAB, but I have yet to find one! Seems like RM is making more MAM's these days than her staple MAB!
  3. ^^Yes sadly most colors don't come in MAB's :sad:
  4. NOE!!!! Welcome :hugs: I have only seen the Fushia MAM... it is gorgeous!

    I will forewarn you though... I was 'new to RM' two months ago and check out my collection thread in my siggy! :push:
    Fushia RM_MAM.jpg
  5. ^Oh Good Golly that bag is gorgy!!! I think I will more than likely just break down and get the darn MAM already!!!
  6. ^And that code you provided scoobie works on FALL!!!! Woot! 30% off with warehouse30 at LunaBoston!
  7. Bella~ I saw!!! I now have just 2 right now!!! I think I will break down and get the MAM even though I prefer MAB..Thanks for the code!!!
  8. GORGEOUS bag!!! I also wish that it comes in MAB... I'm tempted to get it for 30% off....... I just preordered a MAB in FINE WINE thru AA w/30% discount too! What to do... what to do...

  9. I hope you grabbed your Fuschia MAM Noe!

    Angelfly, the fine wine sounds fab!
  10. Not yet .. when is the code over?
  11. There's no code; discounts will be automatically deducted at checkout depending on the amt. Details are on their home page. Have fun shopping!
  12. I love this. If I didn't have a fuschia/croc mam I would be all over this!
  13. PINK1, I LOOVE your fuschia/croc mam! When did it come out? It's definitely more unique than the regular fuschia! :tup:
  14. ^It was the 2nd RM I bought. I got it new off eBay maybe 2 years ago. My mom stole it from me....but I traded her a black mab to get her back!