Fuchsia Lamb or Black Caviar??

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  1. Hello everyone! I need some honest advice to help me choose my first Chanel. Here's a little back story: I bought a fuchsia lambskin maxi a few weeks ago and am completely smitten with it... BUT I'm having some quality/premature wear issues with it and Chanel has offered to let me exchange the bag. My options are either a replacement of the original bag or a black caviar maxi with silver hardware. My heart and head are telling me two different things, so I'm really hoping for some advice. This will be my "everyday" bag, although it isn't carried every day and I work from home. I am also extremely careful with my bags, so please don't let that sway your opinion.
    The pink maxi is my literal dream bag, my holy grail, my unicorn, and every other term I can think to describe my perfect bag. But the quality and wear of the lambskin is concerning, and even though I don't mind doing so I am REALLY having to baby this thing. Pink is also my favorite color and this bag matches about 99% of my mostly Lilly Pulitzer wardrobe. I hope the issues with my current bag relate to some sort of defect, but I'm terrified it will happen again and the thought of a $6k bag not holding up makes me sick.
    As for the black, the obvious pro is the caviar leather. I love the idea of not having to worry about it and being able to carry it in the rain, but I'm not even remotely as crazy about the black as I am pink. This probably won't seem like a big deal to most, but the fact that I would be losing my pink bag is pretty heartbreaking. My head tells me this is the smart choice, but I feel like the black is so common among Chanel bags and that's not usually what I go for.
    So, what should I do? My heart says pink because I can always get the black one down the road, but my head says the logical choice is black. Help!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459478687.259845.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459478792.673147.jpg
  2. you can get a black bag at any time - and more of them would be on preloved market - but damn that fuchsia is amazing.. I wouldn't be able to resist!!
  3. I feel the same... I sure do love that pink, so bad decision or not that's most likely what I'm leaning towards. :confused1:
  4. Go with the pink; otherwise, you'll keep looking back. And you can always get a black bag.
  5. If the pink is your dream bag then definitely keep that one!
  6. Pink for sure
  7. Sounds like you're in love with the pink! I think you should just get a new pink bag. Have you read the lambskin care thread? That might be helpful to you. And plus, you can always buy a black purse later! If you found a pink by Chanel that's your perfect shade you should keep it! Might not come back again.
  8. This pink is a stand out colour but i personally will not choose a MAXI size in lambskin, more ever you are planning to use it as an everyday bag. I will say wait for the caviar to comes by if a Fuschia maxi is your HG bag, as it really will be more carefree to enjoy down the road. Good luck deciding!
  9. Exchange for the same! Pink sounds perfect for you! Fingers crossed no problems with the next :smile:
  10. Get the pink
  11. What kind of wear issues are you seeing that are bothering you? If Chanel is willing to let you exchange, they must not be typical?
  12. I would get:

    1) black maxi caviar -- everyday bag
    2) fuschia boy lambskin -- to handle your pink fix

    I understand your dilemma -- I LOVE this shade of fuschia!! I have a card case in this color. Such a pretty shade.

    Good luck!
  13. Wow. That fuchsia is stunning. You can get black anytime. This is to die for.

    Can you pls share the code?

    Try waterproofing with Collonil nano pro. I just got raspberry lamb sandals and it's worked very well. It was my baby step towards lamb quite literally. This colour is worth babying. I'd go with my heart!! :smile:
  14. I remember your reveal and I fell for your pink bag!!! It is absolutely beautiful and as a fellow Lilly P wearer I know that pink will go so much better with that color palet. My vote is Pink!!! 💖✨💖✨💖✨
  15. You will have to be careful but sounds like pink is the way to go...you love it so much, I don't think you will be happy if you pass on it.