Fuchsia Heaven

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  1. I just love the fuchsia soooooooo much :love:. I have stuffed my new reade for the last two days and it looks alot beeter than when I first recieved it.. I am still waiting to hear back from the seller :amuse: I wish I had taken photos of it when I first recieved it to prove how squashed it looked. agghhh ... hope you enjoy the pic.:shame:
    fuchsia heaven.jpg
  2. Beautiful Kimmy!!! Can you fit all of the accessories in the bag! You have evrything!!! lol It's stunning!

  3. LOL yes I can LOL ... I was debating getting the SS in fuchsia but I think I have enough in that coulour now ... time to move on to new things ha ha .......... I am currently waiting for my vernis fleur pouchette to come through the post --- should be here monday .. I am excited about it :smile:

  4. You bought the fleur lexington? Which one - the black, beige, or pink one?
  5. Wow, all the pink makes me so happy :love:
  6. OOOHHH..... they're pretty. :smile:
  7. Wow Kimmy, they look fabulous together ! I really like the broome most of all !
  8. No not the fleur lexington but the fleur pouchette. In the red, purple and blue colour -- you know the clutch bag :smile:
  9. Is that the limited edition one ? That kind of looks like a roll ? You lucky girl ! :amuse:

  10. LOL do you not like that bag then ???

    It was limited and they also did it in a brown/ purple colour ... but I got the aqua, red, purple one.. :shame:
  11. I like the shape, and how the vernis is a bunch of different colours but I've never really been a fan of vernis material itself. :shame:

    Never the less, Kimmy, you're my Vuitton buying hero ! :lol:
  12. Your fuschia collection is lovely. I hope you hear back from the seller soon. I still can't believe it was folded for shipping. How idiotic.

  13. awww so sweet thanks :shame:
  14. Thankyou :smile: - as I soon as i hear back from the seller i will let you know the outcome - just wished I had taken pics of it so I could of proved it to the seller arrrgghhh .. ... lets see what the seller says :smile:
  15. Beautiful! That's one of my favorite Vernis colors :love:
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