Fuchsia Flap Yay or Nay so undecided!!

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  1. Just got a phone call from my SA saying the fuchsia flap in lamb arrived and she could hold for me for a few hours. I am a little undecided mainly because I just purchased a WOC in dark pink last week. It's a beautiful bag and I deeply regretted not buying last years fuchsia. But I am thinking will I get enough use out of it? Does Chanel do fuchsia every year?
  2. RUN don't walk to pick that lovely fuchsia flap up!!! You will be knocked out by that color and definitely regret it if you don't take it. Chanel does NOT do fuchsia every year.
  3. I think you should just get it! I've been eyeing it too! Please post pics if you decide to pick it up! :]
  4. Tutu I just saw yours and it's lovely!
  5. +1. Please at least go take a look at the bag in person. I was definitely "knocked out" when I saw this gorgeous color. Bought the med/large size right away when I originally was waiting for the mini.

  6. How far is the boutique from you? If you have a chance to see it irl then I think you should go and decide at the store. The fuchsia and dark pink WOC are two diff colors and serve diff purposes. It's a very special cheery pink from the photos. I haven't yet seen one dislike comment on here re this fuchsia color.
  7. Go check it out!!! If you can afford it I don't see why you would pass on this fabulous color???
  8. I wouldn't be able to go see it until saturday. Since it's saks I might just have them ring it up and go pick it up on saturday if I am not crazy in love I can return it on the spot.
  9. You have far, far more willpower than I do. I'd not be able to rest knowing I had this beauty sitting and waiting for me!
  10. What size is it ?
  11. I also purchased my ML lamb fuschia over the phone not knowing what to expect in person.

    It is STUNNING! It's a fabulous color and photos don't do the color justice.

    I would personally pay for it before it's sold then make the final decision once you see it in person.
  12. Definitely get it, it's rare to find such beautiful colors.
  13. Absolutely, yes! Always buy now and think later. If you do not like it you can always return it. If you pass and decide you want it later, it may not be available. :smile:
  14. It's a Yay! :smile: plus you can return it if you decide not to keep it!
  15. Additional YAY for the the fuschia!!! This color is just gorgeous!