Fuchsia Exotics w/ Different Hardwares

  1. I've been thinking about this lately ... Most fuchsia ostrich comes with silver hardware because it's the easiest to match and it has a modern yet luxurious feel to it. I have seen fuchsia ostrich with gold hardware and it's simply decadent and definitely more old world. Thus, I've come to the conclusion that fuchsia ostrich is one of those combination that works with both gold and silver hardware equally well.

    So that leaves one more hardware - ruthenium

    As you all know I'm a big fuchsia exotic fan with more leaning toward ostrich (I have a feeling pink porosus platoon is coming after the pink ostrich platoon *falls over*), so I was thinking if I'm going to have a bunch of fuchsia exotics, it simply will make more sense to have different hardware to go with it ... So here is my combo:

    Birkin 30cm - Gold Hardware
    JPG Birkin - Silver Hardware
    Sellier Kelly 28cm - Ruthenium Hardware
    Bolide 31cm - No idea ...

    Granted, this is not to say I'll be able to get them all but this is simply what hardawre I would consider getting if I am given the opportunity to land them all ... I figure it'd be interesting to stick ruthenium on the sellier Kelly to give it a bit of funk ... What do you guys think?
  2. the pink lizards come in ruthenium hardware. they're too cute esp. a kelly 25/28 lizard.....a bag for you, Kuo......:graucho:
  3. Do you wear gold jewelry? I think those combinations sound lovely, especially if you wear both silver colored and gold colored jewelry.