Fuchsia Colorblock Candace reveal: the ban-breaker!

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  1. Another PCE temptress... I was lucky though that my husband agreed to buy this for me, lol. I *promised* that it would be the last bag for the forseeable future, but it's worth it! Who wants to see?
  2. I love the leather, love the colors, love everything about it. Oh and the double exterior pocket is AWESOME to have (one slip pocket behind the zipper pocket!). Plus two full zip pockets inside! The perfect structured tote, with fun colors, so pleased!

    Thank you SheWearsCoach for overnighting it to me!! :biggrin:
    IMG_3577.JPG IMG_3578.JPG IMG_3580.JPG
  3. Fuchsia, midnight blue, and mahogany. I love the combo. I'll need a midnight wallet if one ever comes out. Interior lining is charcoal gray twill fabric.
    IMG_3581.JPG IMG_3582.JPG IMG_3583.JPG
  4. Love the color combo, makes it much more enjoyable to wear when you the hubs approves :smile:
  5. Beautiful!!! Congrats.
  6. Very pretty!!! Enjoy:balloon:
  7. Lovely! Enjoy your new love.
  8. Gorgeous bag, what a sweet hubby. Congrats.
  9. Very nice; congrats :smile:. That fuschia is so pretty!
  10. Gorgeous Candace! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful colors! I love it! Worth breaking a ban for.
  12. ,most stunning bag ever!
  13. What a pretty color combo! Congrats on your new bag
  14. She's sooo pretty! I love the Candace style
  15. It's gorgeous. I love it!