Fuchsia classic flap vs boy! Help

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  1. I know I have posted this question in several places but I really need some advice.

    I saw fuchsia lamb in person so I know the picture doesn't do her justice. But I can't find a fuchsia boy IRL to make the decision before I order.

    For ladies who have seen both of them IRL, do you feel they look similar in color?

    I am debating b/c I love how fuchsia lamb matches the silver hw on flaps. In the picture, ruth hw doesn't go that well with Boy.

    I have got a beige flap and beige fonce boy for reference.


  2. By the way, picture borrowed from
    tutu and pandamom!!
  3. Do the classic flap.... That one is wayyyyyy hotter than the fushia boy in my opinion....
  4. The flap, esp bc the hardware doesn't look good in that color on the boy IMO.
  5. I like the fuchsia classic flap than the boy.
  6. Agree with your assessment on hw. Go for the classic.
  7. I haven't seen the Boy in person, but I have the fuchsia ML lamb. I have to say I'm not a fan of the dark RHW with the fuchsia. The contrast is a bit much. The combo of the SHW w fuchsia in the classic is stunning and flows a lot better, imo.
  8. Classic definitely. Not a fan of this Boy.
  9. Classic flap
  10. Classic flap! Its much more sassy! ;)
  11. hands down on the classic, just love that shade in classic....I think boy looks better in less feminine color. Good luck deciding!!
  12. Between these 2, go for the classic. And I like the patent fuchsia boy 14s more than this lambskin boy. BTW I think you should start a poll.
  13. Def the classic. SO pretty! The hardware on the boy looks horrible imo.
  14. Agree with everyone else on this one!!!
  15. Classic all the way!