Fuchsia Charm Cles on Elux!

  1. Very nice!!!:cool:
  2. are you gals going to buy one ?
  3. thanks for the link.
  4. Holy crap! The retail on this is only $330!
  5. Well it is the 'first on ebay'! Hahahahah...
    They did that with the Perf Speedy too. Now they're all over the place for just retail.
  6. The price is alright.
  7. YAY for Carol!!!

    I bought a fuchsia pochette accessories, a fuchsia cles, a taupe cabas charms bag and a pair of fuchsia charms mules last Friday. I love EVERYTHING.:lol:
  8. I do like the cles, it's really darling ~
  9. the cles is super cute!
  10. I love it ..I got the fuchsia pochette from fedex today and I can't stop looking at it! :heart:
  11. mules?........those must be adorable do u have a picture? :shame:
  12. I think its cute but personally I wouldnt buy it not a reasonable item for me...but then again I am a student...but if I had the money...definitely a buy..hahhaha with everything else thats LV..hehhe
  13. I have a fuchsia cles in my elux cart, but shouldn't get it - I just ordered a fuchsia perf pochette on Monday before the free shipping expired.