Fuchsia Chanels

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  1. I saw a gorgeous fuchsia Chanel the other day! Normally I wouldn't be drawn to "pink" bags (mainly b/c I'm a redhead!) but this one was such a beautiful color. I don't see fuchsia Chanels very often. Does anyone here have one? I'd love to see pics of members bags!
  2. can you describe how the bag looks??
  3. It was an older bag with the double C's stitched on the front flap. There was also a tassel on the front. The shape was more rectangular with a little bit of rounding to it. I'm not the best at describing these things yet!
  4. omg fuchsia sounds divine! i love the colour and i'd buy a fuchsia chanel in an instant! lol
  5. Sounds delicious!! I've not seen any fushcia Chanels. Would love more description!
  6. I saw this at the Chanel outlet about a week ago. I don't know if they came in different sizes, but this was very very small. The shape is like the LV bedfords...somewhat. I think these were released a couple of seasons ago. The color was beautiful and very eye catching, but as I stated, very small. I can't remember the price either.
  7. I would love to see a pic of this.
  8. OMG i would love to see a pic of it :love: