Fuchsia Bays

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  1. Hey guys! After buying too many bags last year (including my gorgeous purple Mulberry Wilton) and a couple of bags I couldn't really afford earlier this year I've been staying away from the shops for the past couple of months. Yesterday I finally cracked and headed into town! I am still in no financial position to shop and was expecting my trip to be akin to visit to a chocolatier's whilst on a diet. But not so. In fact, I didn't see a single item of clothing or bag that I was even half-heartedly interested in...UNTIL I came face to face with a fuchsia Bayswater that was (the non-patent one). I'm in :love:! Is it just my settings, or is the colour completely different in person from on the Mulberry website?? GORGEOUS.

    The problem is that I really can't afford to buy it now. As in, absolutely no way :sad: And I see they are out of stock on the website...does that mean they are sold out and likely to disappear from the high street pretty soon? I will be gutted if so, but then maybe it is not meant to be :crybaby:
  2. You just want someone to tell you to go back and buy it don't you?

    Well off you go before they sell out!!!!
  3. :roflmfao:

    Would you definately buy it if you had the money? In that case you'll probably regret it if you don't get it.

    On the other hand, I know that sometimes I'll see something (that I can't afford at that moment) and absolutely love it and wish I could afford it ... but if I think really hard about it, I know that I probably wouldn't buy it even if I could. Hope you understand what I mean.
  4. Often things are more desirable when we can't afford them!!
  5. Exquisitely so!
  6. ^^^ so true! Agony.
  7. I do know what you mean...but if I had the money I would buy it, I've always liked Bays and nearly bought a vanilla one a couple of years ago (I loved the colour but I am one of those people who seems to get grubby just looking at pale colours so I decided against it!)...but at the moment I still have almost £600 to pay off from previous (bag) purchases, and I just can't double that, I am afraid it would be the start of a slippery slope!! By the end of the year I should have that just about cleared, but I fear the bag will no longer be around by then. But I'm not sure whether 'out of stock' means more might be coming or just that it is sold out...
  8. I can't really help you with that ... though I would think that 'out of stock' means that it won't be back. Only because it's a seasonal color.
  9. ^^^ theres always the outlets in future though..
  10. Sez, there was a fuschia bayswater in Cheshire Oaks this evening ....
  11. Ooooh really? How much was it? And what was it like? There seem to be two types...the one that gets darker towards the bottom and the one that's just plain fuchsia...
  12. hmmm £416 I *think*

    I was drawn to the colour, and I remember thinking ..... what colour is that Bays ... because I thought it was red but then I looked at the tag and it was fuschia. In my opinion more red than pinky?

    I did not notice if it went darker towards the bottom, sorry!

    maybe give them a call and perhaps they would be able to give you a better description ...
  13. ^^^ oooh give them a call!!
  14. Uuuuh now I am having a new dilemma...I had to pop into town to collect a birthday present for a friend I am seeing on Sat, and I passed through some Mulberry stockists on my way...and saw the marine Bays in House of Fraser. Another gorgeous colour! Similar to the oceano Veneta I was drooling over earlier in the year. And the fuchsia bag I saw in town wasn't the same one that's out of stock on the website (although the marine one is), there is no colour gradient, it is just a lovely deep dark pink.

    But I have plenty of time to think about this dilemma, I've redone my maths and I really can't allow myself to buy any bags right now :crybaby:esp as I finally got around to going to the opticians and now have to fork out for new glasses :sad: I think I'm just going to have to cross my fingers for the post-Christmas sales/outlets next year, I am too scared I will get into big debt if I start being overdrawn by more than one bag at a time!

    Thanks all for your help x
  15. if you can .. get it ...

    if not ... don't worry there will always be amazing mulberry bags around