FSH Story: My Herbag 39, new goodies & my Mom's surprise Birkin.


Feb 20, 2012
Hello, honey bunnies!

So here my H-story goes. As you know, I've bought my brand new Victoria II 43 Malachite some weeks ago. I love him. He is amazing to carry, but recently I got a call from my Faubourg Saint-Honoré SA: "Hey G, I've received your order, a Herbag 39 in Marine Toile Militaire and Ébène Vache Hunter". I was on vacation, not at home in Paris... Some days after, I went to the boutique to fulfill my H-desire.

Here I was, looking at the equestrian saddles, waiting my SA with a drink, and TADA, my Herbag 39 (almost) magically appeared. I felt very happy but not complete, I wanted to buy a Minuit Au Faubourg black&white carré, and needed an agenda. I fell in love with the perpetual Ulysse in black Togo. Then I tried a lot of jewelry, but didn't really like it as my Kelly double tour, then passed on, already spent too much money this day!

Anyway, I knew Mom wanted a Birkin, Togo 35 with golden hardware. Our SA was really really really great and told her: "Let's talk about your dream bag, I'll try to please you". She gave him all the details about the wanted Birkin. A little wait, then he asked us to go upstairs, and came with a beautiful orange box. THE WANTED BIRKIN WAS IN IT.

I wanted to share this little story with you because it does is my bestest experience with Hermès. That's what makes me loving such a great house, also what makes me proud to be French (even if I feel sorry about my bad English, haha). Here you can find some pics that illustrate this amazing H-shopping-day, with the H-magic touch! :love:


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Jul 16, 2012
What an amazing story, I'm so happy for you and your mum! It looks like her dream birkin is mine as well :love:

I hope to visit the FSH mothership store one day. Such an amazing brand like Hermes would definitely make me proud to be French!

Enjoy your purchases :yahoo:


Jul 7, 2014
Congrats on your findings. FSH is really full of surprises. I am glad that your mum has gotten the dream bag.


Always Be Thankful
Jan 3, 2008
Such a great story and pics! Congrats on your gorgy new Herbag and Minuit and your Mom's fabulous Black beauty! I am twins with her on this lovely B and I can admit that it is my most favorite H bag. Hope you both enjoy in the best of health!


Sep 15, 2013
What an amazing story!!! What you described is my dream day -- a call from an SA about a coveted bag, cold drinks while you wait, surrounded by Hermes leather and silks that led to multiple purchases, and finally a surprise for dear mom who fostered your love for the brand. A perfect day in my eyes!!

Congrats on your purchases - love the ebene leather on your Herbag and that pegase scarf is on my wish list!! Congats to dear mom as well for getting her coveted togo Birkin (it's GORGEOUS!!!).

I love everything French -- you are lucky to come from a beautiful country which has given the rest of the world some beautiful things (like Hermes) !!! As we speak, I'm trying to convince my family to go back to Paris for our next vacation - they are insisting we go to Greece instead but Paris would be better for me and my Hermes obsession!
Oct 19, 2008
Northern Virginia
Wow, what a great story!!! Sounds like you had a perfect day at Hermes. I love all the bags. But the black Birkin with GHW is just such a classic. The Herbag is not bad either. I love the blue combo.

I might just have to get the Minuit scarf too. It's so whimsical and edgy at the same time.


May 6, 2014
The Herbag is so beautiful and it's wonderful your mom got her dream B too! I also love the Minuit Au Faubourg! Super H!


Feb 18, 2010
Such a wonderful story and successful trip to FSH, G! So happy for you and your mom. She must be over the moon with her bag and to have a loving son like you. Enjoy! :biggrin:


Mar 20, 2012
congrats on a wonderful day! so wonderful you had your mom to share it with you :smile: