FSH in September

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  1. I was in FSH early September....thought I can get a chance to order my birkin but unfortunately the list was not opened yet.I was disappointed and thought of trying it during the third week of September.The SA asked if any others things that I would like to have.Then,I asked for a wallet.At first the SA brought a bearn wallet for me and a kelly wallet for me.I fell in love with her and straight away tell her to wrap it up for me......here are some photos.... IMG00051-20100904-1949.jpg



    IMG00056-20100904-1952.jpg ....stories to be continued.....
  2. A reveal!:popcorn:
  3. Many congrats on the wallet!:yahoo:
  4. Nice wallet!! Many congrats!! :tup:
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Nice wallet. Will wait for more reveal:smile:
  7. lovely wallets. then at the end could you order in the 3rd week?
  8. So I was there again on the 3rd week of September hoping to be in the list for the birkin.I was there in the afternoon,the store was so crowded.People looking at the sample of colors ,some were looking at scarfs,accessories.....etc.I was excited thinking the list is open.This time when I was there I saw a queue,didn't know what was it for.I was told that now everyone have to queue in order to see any items while waiting for any SA to be free.

    It was my turn and of course I asked for birkin.Unfortunately the list is closed.So fast..... :nogood:
    Then I asked for kelly.The SA said they have a lot of kellys and asked which size and what color.....I told her and there she went to the store room and got it for me.I was happy and at the sad time because my intention was to get a birkin.Well,I guess I need to wait again.But I was excited about my new Kelly.

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  9. Oooh live one! *excited*
  10. Just in time for your reveal.
  11. just in time!
  12. I'm here too!
  13. here it goes...........:biggrin: more pictures to come next week.....stay tuned.

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  14. Can't wait!
  15. Black kelly?? :graucho::graucho: