FSH and 40cm Birkins?

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  1. For those who frequent FSH, Paris and are in the know. What is the likelihood of scoring a 40cm Birkin? I'm looking for togo or clemence in any brown. TIA.
  2. it is either a hit or a miss lol
    sorry but there can no definite answer be given, they are available and i would say paris is the easiest way to score a bag it still depends on the day/month and you sa on that day
  3. Thanks, lilach. Paris is fickle.

    I've read alot of posts from those who've gone to FSH and scored 35s and 30s, but I rarely read about 40s. I'm just inquiring if anyone has at least seen them in FSH, even though he/she may not have been looking for one.

    When is the best time of year to go?
  4. I can't recall ever seeing a 40cm Birkin on the shelf
  5. I have seen 40 several times. Never on the shelf though.
  6. They sometimes have one, but it is usually in the back room, but I've been offered one the last 3 times I went to see my SA there. A tabac, a marron fonce and some other I can't recall. It was months ago....
    When are you going?
  7. They usually have the 40s at the back, or that what my dad told me when he is there getting one for me...
  8. When I was at FSH after Christmas, most of what they had was 40cm or larger, no 30's or 35's. But like others have said, they were not on display, you had to ask for them. Good luck!
  9. Try George V too - that's where I got my 40cm, etoupe clemence.
  10. I was in FSH mid-December and my SA told me that they had many 40's, more than any other size Birkins. Could have just been that day or pre-holiday stock, though.
  11. Thank you everyone for giving me hope!

    Does anyone know the current price of a 40 in Euros? :smile:
  12. 6250 euros for 40 birkins try george v store they always seem to have them in stock
  13. Great! Thank you thank you thank you! :nuts: