Fryedaze's Leather Bags ...

  1. awesome collection!
  2. Nice! I have never seen so many frye bags! I love your avatar - very cool.
  3. I love all of your bags!!!:love:
  4. Very nice!
  5. New additions:

    1. Mulberry Phoebe in Nude (couldn't resist that Saks sale!). Love the color - I took the picture of it next to the Oak so you can see the difference.

    2. American West travel case. I know this stuff is cheesy, but I have a lot of fun with it! This one was a birthday present.
    10_collectionphoebenude.jpg 9_collectionawesttravel.jpg
  6. I love all your Phoebes... :smile:

  7. I love the way you photographed them! So pretty all of them!! LOVE IT!!
  8. :tender: Your Collection is EXTREMELY GORGEOUS:tender:
    :heart: I really love MULBERRY as well :heart:
  9. I adore the tooled leather bags...they are so beautiful!!
  10. Great collection, I love the Adina! The tooled leather bags are amazing too.
  11. i love all your phoebes!
  12. OK, adding a few more. :shame:

    First is the Mulberry Elgin in Oak. Couldn't resist a deal at Net-a-porter. Kicking myself that I missed it in dark brown when it was on sale on the same website (and now they are sold out). Still hoping to add this one in black this fall.

    Then comes the Mulberry Phoebe in Chocolate. :girlsigh: To die for. It didn't hurt that it was 60% off during the last days of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I also have this one in Mocha, which is the same color but with white over-stitching. I much prefer the all-brown Chocolate! :yes:
    12_collectionelginoak.jpg 11-collectionphoebechocolat.jpg
  13. like like like...
  14. And at long last ....

    1. The Mulberry Elgin in black! Was hungering seriously for this one. :yes:

    2. And just to round out the collection: the Mulberry Elgin in chocolate. :graucho:

    With these I somehow feel satiated! While I would add the Elgin in Olive if I found one at a good price, it is not something for which I pine. In fact, having added these two, there is not much for which I am pining these days. I'm sure something will turn up someday, but for now ... I'm good! :wlae:
    13_collectionelginblack.jpg 14_collectionelginchocolate.jpg
  15. nice collection
    thanx for sharing