Fryedaze's Leather Bags ...

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  1. Here they are. :biggrin:

    1. My beloved Frye's. :yes: I love the horsebit detailing and the wooden handles. I would love to add to these in more colors, as long as the hardware is antique brass. They made the black ones only with nickel, but there is an olive Faye on which I have my eye.

    2. The Mulberrys'. I'm currently on a mission to add the Elgin in more colors (black is next), and it certainly wouldn't kill me to have the Phoebe in chocolate, and in the chocolate-and-nude dual-tone!

    3. The Ellingtons. I love this Oregon maker. Great quality, and a huge variety of basic colors and shapes to fill in the cracks of my collection. I usually pick these up steeply discounted at outlets and NWT on eBay when I can find them.

    4. Marc Jacobs Adina. My one and only frou-frou slouchy bag for the odd day I actually have to wear suit to work. :P

    5. The Ralphs. His lower-end stuff, also purchased post-season at a steep discount. Basic and durable.

    6. Tooled leather bags. The black tote and the big brown tote on the left are latter-day American West (medium quality). The one on the far right is early American West (back when they numbered the bags and cared a bit more about quality). The rest are artisan made.

    7. Sundance Catalog bags. The bags which started it all for me. The one on the far right is by Ellington. The backpack in the middle is by Michael London (NY). I don't know who made the canvas and leather satchel on the left.

    8. Just a few fashion bags. I really like the Michael Kors tote and the Rawlings tote. The other two are just kind of "there" and don't see a whole lot of daylight (although I was so excited when I got them). :shame:
    1_collectionfrye.jpg 2_collectionmulberry.jpg 3_collectionellington.jpg 4_collectionmarc.jpg 5_collectionralph.jpg 6_collectiontooled.jpg 7_collectionsundance.jpg 8_collectionvariety.jpg
  2. LOVE Frye too! Great collection!
  3. wow, lots of bags.. nice collection u got there..
  4. Gorgeous collection, I really like the Adina !
  5. Cute collection!:biggrin:
  6. Great collection! thanks for sharing!
  7. GORGEOUS collection!!!:love:
  8. Oooh, I love the diversity of your collection! I've never seen those Ralphs bags before; they look great!
  9. I'm so in love of The Mulberrys' :heart: :love: . very nice collection!!!
  10. gorgeous collection, love the mulberrys. :biggrin:
  11. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Love:love: your collection ... especially all the Mulberry pieces! I only have one Mulberry bag, the Roxanne, but I absolutely love the leather on their bags!
  13. I have to say that you have a fabulase collection.
  14. Now we know the origin of your name Fryedaze! Seriously I didn't even know Frye made bags and they are gorgeous. These are the same people that make the boots right?

    Also very jealous of your Mulberrys - I desperately want a Phoebe so to see four at once is very envy inducing!
  15. Thanks, all! Very kind! :P

    Slickskin: I still see these NWT on eBay now and then at great prices - the last time I saw the satchel go (far left) it went for around $60.

    Katy 1368: You can still find the Frye bags (in limited colors) at When they first came out (last fall, I think) the variety of colors and styles in this line was much greater, but they've narrowed it down quite a bit. You can still find the Faye (the square-ish shoulder bag) in red and saddle at eBags, as well as the Campus Hobo in dark brown, and the price is a better than on the Frye website.

    And get a Phoebe! You will love it! :yes:

    My user name comes from both the bags, and from Casual Fridays, which is the one day of the week at work I get to haul out my Frye boots and Pony Up! :biggrin: