FRYE Villager's on SALE @ Nords! CRAZY SALE! *PICS*

  1. OMG! I went to Nord's yesterday to get my DD some black patent leather shoes for her Christmas dresses and Thanksgiving outfit. . . I wandered over to the Ladies shoes knowing I needed some new boots but not expecting to find anything I like on sale this early in the season. . . BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!

    As some of you know I've been coveting Frye Harness boots but CANNOT get them to fit :cry:
    I saw some swanky lace ups on the sale rack and thought "NO WAY are those Frye Villagers!" and they were!!! I bought both colors! The dark brown which is actually a bronzy gold color {BEAUTIFUL!} and the Espresso pair which is a really deep vintagy chocolate color.
    Here's the icing, these boots are $225 regular price and I scored them for $149 a pair!!!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
    I'll posts pics later but here they are from the website, which incidentally they ARE NOT on sale online, only in store! My SA said the dark brown is a brand new boot for them, she was shocked to see them on sale as well!

  2. Ooohh!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have been lusting after a pair of these in one of those colors (hadn't decided which yet) but all I had seen thus far was a gold pair for $99 at the C-21 in Morristown, NJ. I decided that knee high gold boots were not so much for me. I am going to have to stop in at my local Nordies!!!
  3. You CANNOT beat $149 for Frye boots, it's outrageous! These are sooo comfy!
  4. Cool! I really like those, and it's great you found them on sale.
  5. those are really cute and must be versatile too!
    it was really a steal!!you're lucky!!!;)
  6. Holy cow! Christmas came early for you!
  7. Wow, great score - I love those boots! So glad you finally got some Fryes that fit you well!
  8. Here's my boots, forgot I got some Frye knock off's made by Nordstrom, I actually fit perfectly into these:yes:
    DSCF2797.jpg DSCF2798.jpg DSCF2799.jpg
  9. Score!!! :yahoo: Congrats, what an awesome deal...:heart: the boots!!!
  10. Oh, Swanky. Those are gorgeous. Are they comfortable? High boots never work for me.
  11. Cute, but I REALLY love your leopard carpet. Is that in your dressing room? I am drooling.
  12. coachwife - yes, oddly enough, they're VERY comfy! LOL!

    manolo, yes, that's my closet, I also put that carpet going up the stairs in the foyer!:heart:HAD to have it and DH is so accomodating sometimes! :lol:
  13. I LOVE it. My DH would never go for it in the main areas (lucky you!), but that is going in my "dream closet" folder!
  14. I got the idea from Kimora on Cribs a few years ago. . . next we'll be hanging chandeliers in there.